10 Travel Vloggers You Should Be Watching

If you spend any amount of time online, vlogging (short for “video blogging”) is something you really can’t miss. Whether or not you set out to find travel vloggers (or vloggers of any other kind), you’re bound to see them on social media, YouTube, and sometimes even on TV!

The awesome thing about finding travel vloggers to follow is that you get to see their experiences in motion. These aren’t still shots of Big Ben from afar – quite the contrary. These folks record their travels, adventures, tips, tricks, meals, and sometimes antics – making it easier for you to see what places around the world might be like. Who knows – maybe you’ll be so inspired, you’ll break out your camera on your next trip!

Read on to discover ten travel vloggers (in no particular order) you won’t want to miss!

Gone with the Wynns

Adventure junkies Jason and Nikki have turned the “American Dream” ideal upside down. A few years back, after realizing they didn’t want to work 60 hours per week until they were 60+ years old, they sold everything they had and hit the road. Starting with a home on wheels (RV) and now living on the water, this dynamic duo not only captures all of their adventures as travel vloggers, but they’re dedicated to help you live your own dream too!


Travel vloggers (and brothers) Marko and Alex are all OVER the place. Literally. Their insatiable desire to learn about different cultures and cuisines takes them around the world! Not only can you follow their adventures via video – you can interact with Marko and Alex as well (by sending them cool things from your hometown).  Bonus: These guys prefer being budget conscious. You’ll find travel tips, vlogs, and inspiration without costing an arm and a leg all over the world.

Exploring Alternatives

In what seems to be becoming quite a trend, travel vloggers Matt and Danielle are another pair who left their ‘normal’ life behind to become globetrotters. The interesting twist with this couple? Not only are they now nomads, they’re nomads with a goal a bit different than just seeing new things. Welcome to “Living large with less.” Downsizing, being eco-friendly, exploring zero-waste traveling, and shared adventures week after week is what you’ll find here.


Sailing Uma

What would you say if someone gave you the advice “Don’t buy a couch.”? Travel vloggers Dan and Kika thought it sounded strange at first, but ultimately decided to follow this advice. They bought a sailboat instead! Since then, they’ve been on a simple mission: Sailing the world. One country at a time. One project at a time… With sustainability in mind! Follow along as these architects-turned-world-traveling-sailors share their journey.


The NYC Couple

Deceptively named, travel vloggers Mark and Amanda of “The NYC Couple” aren’t in NYC at all! In fact, they left their studio apartment just six months ago to travel the world. In that short time, they’ve been able to travel to more fascinating places than you can count on your fingers and toes. While they still have six more months to go, there is no shortage of adventurous travel videos from these two. Bonus: Fun little extras like Americans Eat Raw Sea Urchins , the Best Mangoes in the World, and Swimming with Whale Sharks.


Pause The Moment

If you follow enough travel vloggers, there’s a trend not too difficult to spot: not coming back home. What we mean by that is, many travel vloggers set out to have an adventure or two (or ten, or six months worth), with the knowledge that they’ll eventually come home. But then they don’t. Ryan, the man behind Pause The Moment, did just this. After leaving his full time job in 2010 to go on a six month traveling adventure, he simply never returned. Now that he’s been at it for six years, he’s discovered his fair share of travel tips and tricks to share with you. Whether you’re trying to figure out how to get from Paris to Brussels, how to keep your passport safe while traveling, or how to found the cheapest flights using Twitter, Ryan’s got you covered.


Kick the Grind

Mike: A travel vloggers dream! You won’t only find videos of pretty destinations and tasty meals here and there. No, not on this channel. On Kick the Grind, you’ll find adventures you didn’t even know existed – including: a baby jumping festival in Spain, an exploding hammer festival in Mexico, and Mike chowing down on pickled pigs feet. There is definitely no shortage of adventures on this YouTube channel.



Unlike some travel bloggers, Ivan often works while he travels. In addition to being a digital nomad, he actually runs a startup company from wherever he finds himself in the world! After catching the travel bug and starting his trek through Europe, Ivan’s found himself literally going around the globe. On his channel (which stands for “Perfect Spots”), he highlights his favorite travels, the most incredible views, and what he considers the most Perfect Sports he’s found.


Hey Nadine

Meet Nadine (Hey, Nadine!). Nadine is one of the most entertaining travel vloggers we’ve found. You’ll definitely find videos of her adventures to 49 countries (and counting) here… But you’ll also find big personality, lots of laughs, a zest for life, and some great travel tips! Seriously – who wouldn’t benefit from learning how to survive a road trip?!


Lost LeBlanc

Could you imagine going to college (the top rated law school in your country, at that) with the plan to graduate, get a job, and live your life… only to quit that job after a few short months?

Bye bye, rat race. (Travel vloggers rejoice!)

This is exactly what Christian LeBlanc decided to do. Once he bought a one way ticket to Thailand, the adventure has only just begun. With only $5,000 to his name, nothing planned out, and no reliable source of income, Christian (and Laura, his girlfriend who joined his journey for quite some time) is more than thrilled that he’s living his passion. If you’re looking for the ultimate inspiration to take that chance, leave that job, buy that plane ticket, and live out loud around the world, this is the story and channel for you.


Which travel vloggers would you add to the list? Share them with us in the comments below!

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