6 Travel Apps Every Savvy Traveler Has Downloaded (Our Personal Picks!)

With the turn of the New Year and getting back into the swing of things, most of us are ironing out our resolutions and making exciting plans for the year ahead. If one of your resolutions is to travel more, we’ve got you covered on which Apps will help you breeze through the tough parts so you can enjoy the journey. Between transportation, finding places to eat, getting lost, language barriers, right down to how to pay for your plane ticket in the first place, the right apps can make the whole experience seem like a breeze (and no, you don’t always need wifi). Check out our top picks below:


Also a website, Skyscanner helps you find the best deals on airfare around the world. Hopper is a similar platform, but only in App form. You can search specific locations or simply see what the best deals are. Hopper will even allow you to search a specific trip, and notify you when it’s the best time to buy. Very intuitive, very helpful. Set a reminder and they’ll watch the rates for you!

Guides by Lonely Planet

As you probably already know, Lonely Planet is a great resource, but did you know they have an app called Guides? Effortlessly integrating suggestions on how to explore your next destination with the ability to use offline resources like city maps and audio information. You don’t have to wing it, you can make plans with confidence! While those famous Lonely Planet books are great options to read before you go (and we still recommend it), the app is actually interactive so it can be a quicker resource when you have a question on the go.


Especially necessary for Android users, but definitely helpful for iPhones too. WhatsApp is the international standard for texting, calling, video chatting, etc. You can use it when connected to WiFi or if your phone is unlocked and you get a local SIM card, the data usage is relatively light and you’ll be able to call people at home (who also have WhatsApp) for next to nothing. This is a must-have if you’re traveling abroad but want to retain your text messaging capabilities, so there is no need to buy an international phone or plan if you have this app.


If Foursquare is not already your friend, it should be. This can be used locally, too, but is especially useful for roaming new places and finding the best places to eat, drink, and be merry. Just search the type of outing you’re looking for: breakfast, cafe, nightlife, or shopping, etc., and you’ll be on your way in no time! We know it isn’t hugely popular anymore here in America, but it can be a lifesaver abroad.


Offline Maps

This is more of a tip for the popularly used Google Maps, but is extremely useful for traveling. If you’re abroad and don’t have cell service, Google Maps will still track your little blue dot even when you’re offline. A great way to get around (or keep track of where you’ve gone) is to load directions to your next spot while you have WiFi at your hotel or nearby coffee shop and leave the App open in the background. That way when you leave WiFi you’ll be able to see your progress in relation to the directions you’ve loaded. It’s a great piece of mind to know you won’t get lost because of bad Internet (or lack thereof).


You don’t want to do the generic round-trip vacation, but there are so many logistics to figure out. How are you supposed to get around in a foreign country without being familiar with the best local modes of transportation? Rome2Rio has you covered. Search routes from anywhere to anywhere (really), and the app will come up with best routes including trains, planes, busses, and ferries. The app will even save your searches so you can see them while you’re offline (tip: this is incredibly useful when you’re trying to buy the right train ticket and don’t have WiFi to check which one).

Is there anything you would add to the list? What apps have you downloaded that helped you when traveling abroad? Let us know in the comment section below!

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