Author: Andrew Motiwalla

PROFILE: Miguel Revatta on Volunteer Vacations in Peru

Today we’d like to take some time to introduce you to yet another one of our wonderful Discover Corps team members. Miguel Revatta is the program director for our Volunteer Vacations in Peru. A native of Peru, Miguel is extremely passionate about sharing the values and customs of his country with the volunteer travelers that he works … Continued

Peace Corps Alternatives for Less Hardcore Travelers

The Peace Corps is an incredible organization that has inspired thousands of people to volunteer overseas. Virtually everyone who has previously participated in the Peace Corps’ program (including our Founder/Director Andrew Motiwalla) generally finds it to be a rewarding, life-changing experience. But let’s face it: The Peace Corps is also a serious commitment, and it’s not an … Continued

Traveler Spotlight: The Testarmatas on Family Volunteer Vacations

When Ann Marie Testarmata first started researching summer travel experiences for her daughter, she hadn’t expected it to become a family affair. But once she stumbled upon Discover Corps’ Volunteer Vacation offerings, she realized that a family trip would be even more special. Ann Marie and her daughters, Vika (now 18) and Ira (14), spent nine days in the … Continued

4 Great Reasons to Travel Alone

Travel is an edifying experience no matter how you do it. When you leave your comfort zone to venture into the unknown, the new sights and sounds are bound to stimulate you.  It doesn’t really matter if you’re in a group, on a round-the-world tour or taking a package vacation to a popular tourist destination. Your … Continued

What Type of Volunteer Vacations Are Right For You?

Are you a spontaneous traveler who likes to have the freedom to play things by ear? Do you prefer to get a little professional assistance with organizing the detailed minutiae of your trip? Or are you the sort of traveler who prefers to have a knowledgeable, experienced representative plan your entire trip for you, so that … Continued

10 Volunteer & Non-Profit Blogs You Should be Following

When each day seems to bring bad news from all over the world, it’s inspiring to see how many people around the world are working to do good things for others, both at home and abroad. Lucky for us, many of these people document their adventures in doing good through blogs and social media. The following are … Continued

The Dangers of Volunteer Projects Abroad: Your Fears, Addressed

“Safe travels!” This is a common way to wish someone well just before they embark on a trip. But is it really necessary? Doesn’t wishing someone “safe travels” inherently imply that travel may not be safe? It’s natural to have certain fears surrounding travel in general, and participating in volunteer projects abroad in specific. After all, … Continued

Meet Jeannie: Writer for The Volunteer Traveler

It’s time to meet another Discover Corps team member! Today, we’re introducing you to Jeannie Mark, who works for us a writer on this very blog. You may have hear of her travel blog Nomadic Chick before — if you haven’t, be sure to check it out! What got you into traveling? Is there a specific moment … Continued