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5 Peace Corps Alumni Who Have Changed the World

Next Sunday isn’t just any old day. That’s because it marks 54 years of the Peace Corps, an organization that’s particularly meaningful to us here at Discover Corps. Not only are we proudly affiliated with the National Peace Corps Association — our founder Andrew discovered his passion for travel and service as a Peace Corps volunteer. Simply put: Without … Continued

Meet Jasmine: Discover Corps Travel Specialist

We’ve had a lot of fun introducing you to the various people who make everything at Discover Corps run smoothly. First, we met our travel specialist Alex, then we met our founder Andrew, and today, we’re introducing you to the lovely Jasmine. She’s a sunny soul who is passionate about sharing the power of experiential … Continued

How to Volunteer at an Orphanage Responsibly

Volunteering at orphanages abroad has generated polarizing opinions — from a positive first person account of life as an orphan poignantly written by Wycliffe Sande — to warnings on the damage that orphanage tourism can inflict on children residing at these facilities. Sande’s essay about growing up on the streets of Uganda breaks your heart — … Continued

5 Travel Love Stories to Inspire You This Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day or not, hopefully you’re a fan of love. Here at Discover Corps, we sure are: love for new cultures and experiences, love for friends, and love for family. Because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, we’re going to celebrate romantic love today. And because we’re always obsessed with … Continued

5 Ways to Keep Giving Back Once You Return Home

“That was the experience of a lifetime!” “I want to go back.” “It was amazing!” These are sentiments often heard when our travelers discuss their volunteer vacations. Why? Because giving back feels good — and once the volunteer bug latches on, it nudges people to view the world differently and continue helping others. The dilemma some of our travelers face is … Continued

Are You Too Old For a Volunteer Vacation?

It’s true. Americans are traveling more than ever — and the U.S. Travel Association reveals some interesting facts on who exactly is traveling the most. “Mature travelers comprise 36 percent of leisure travel volume (18% are 65+, 18% are 55-64). Nearly two in ten (19%) are 45-55, 17% are 35-44, 20% are 25-34 and 8% … Continued

What a Volunteer Vacation in Guatemala Is Really Like

We love being able to give you an inside glimpse into our immersive journeys of culture and service. Most recently, we shared a vivid illustration of what a typical day on a volunteer vacation looks like. Now, we want to give you a detailed look at the day-to-day activities, excursions, and feelings that could occur on a volunteer … Continued

A Vivid Illustration of a Typical Day on a Volunteer Vacation

Do you dream of volunteering abroad, helping to enrich the lives of others while also enriching your own? If so, you may wonder what you’d actually be doing all day. Sure, the idea sounds lovely — but what would you be seeing, thinking, and feeling? Though everybody’s experience is different, we’d like to help you … Continued

The 29 Best Baby Boomer Travel Blogs for 2015

There are all sorts of travel blogs out there — from adventure to backpacker to family — but what about baby boomer travel blogs? Though they’re a little bit harder to find, they do exist — and they ROCK. At Discover Corps, 75% of our travelers are over the age of 50. To put it … Continued