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How Will Trump’s Presidency Impact Travel to Cuba?

Two years ago, President Barack Obama opened a new chapter in U.S./Cuba relations. He announced that the two countries would move forward into a new era of peaceful coexistence, and lessened restrictions on American travel to Cuba. Considered one of the administrations’ signature achievements, Obama and Cuba President Raúl Castro ended decades of estrangement, vowing to move … Continued

Why Riding Elephants Should Be a Thing of the Past

The blessing and curse of Sustainable Travel is that it is a constantly evolving thing. The more we study nature, the deeper our understanding of how it works grows. Experiences that were once considered a must-do for wildlife lovers– from swimming with Dolphins to walking with Lions– are now known to be detrimental to the … Continued

Top Sustainable Travel Destinations for 2017

It’s become an annual rite of passage for travel writers to pick their favorite travel destinations for the coming year. Since we here at Discover Corps are committed to the concept of Sustainable Travel (travel that benefits the local ecology and economy of a place), we thought it would be fun to ask our favorite … Continued

Keeping New Years Resolutions: How to Be a Better You in 2017

The statistics on keeping New Years resolutions aren’t pretty. At the beginning of each new year, nearly half of the American public makes resolutions to change aspects of their lives. Some vow to lose the extra weight they’ve been carrying around, save more money for retirement, or try their luck with online dating. We’re notorious for committing … Continued

5 Destinations That Can Help Beat The Winter Blues

The holidays are right around the corner, and much of the country is now covered in snow. In San Diego, where I live, the “brisk” 65 degree days mean that boots and scarves appear where tank tops and flip flops used to live. This isn’t satire. Winter is officially here. And for some people, the … Continued

10 Things To Do On Australia’s Gold Coast

As a destination, the Gold Coast of Australia is truly unique. It’s blessed with endless sunshine, so outdoor activities are possible all year-round. Travelers have the opportunity to explore a wide range of landscapes here, from dense rainforest to miles upon miles of pristine beaches. On the Gold Coast, modern entertainment and a laid-back beach vibe coexist with … Continued

Why Mass Tourism and Volunteer Travel Don’t Mix

Last year, Carnival Corporation announced their newest cruise venture, Fathom. This voluntourism-focused brand promised cruise-goers a chance to “do good” in the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Their commitment to projects that, in their words, “contribute to local economic development, education and environmental initiatives” seemed well-intentioned. But at Discover Corps, we are experts in sustainable, culturally sensitive short-term … Continued

Why We No Longer Offer Walking With Lions Tours

Do a quick search for “Walking With Lions” and you’ll find no shortage of destinations offering animal lovers this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for around $150 a person. It’s easy to understand why walking with lions tours, lion cub petting, and other wildlife encounters have become so popular in recent years. After all, who wouldn’t want to walk alongside one … Continued

3 Meaningful Christmas Gifts to Give Your Family

I’m a sucker for the holiday season. Now based in California, I’ve lived 2,000+ miles away from my family and its Michigan roots all of my adult life. Each year around the holidays I get nostalgic for the magical times spent hiding from the snow, curled up on the couch with loved ones, and eating take-out straight … Continued