The 29 Best Baby Boomer Travel Blogs for 2015

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Best baby boomer travel blogs

There are all sorts of travel blogs out there — from adventure to backpacker to family — but what about baby boomer travel blogs? Though they’re a little bit harder to find, they do exist — and they ROCK.

At Discover Corps, 75% of our travelers are over the age of 50. To put it simply: baby boomers love traveling, and we love having them along on our volunteer vacations.

So we decided to round up the 29 best baby boomer travel blogs you should be following in 2015. We’re sure they’ll entertain, educate, and inspire you in the year to come.

The Best Baby Boomer Travel Blogs for 2015

1. After the Kids Leave

Sisters Wendy and Karen live in Canada and England. Their blog is an eccentric collection of empty nest and travel stories that are written as letters to each other.

Post you’ll love: What’s in a name? A lot, when it comes to London

2. A Traveler’s Library

This isn’t your typical travel blog; rather, Vera Badertscher focuses on travel literature. She reviews books that will inspire you to travel, in addition to writing about her own adventures.

Post you’ll love: Visiting Emerson and Hawthorne

3. Carpool Goddess

Linda Wolff’s blog discusses all aspects of life as an empty-nester, and though she doesn’t always talk about travel, it’s fun when she does!

Post you’ll love: 10 Best Travel Tips: Bathrooms to Speedos. Yes, I Went There.

4. Chris Cruises

As the name suggests, Chris Owen’s blog is all about cruises. Check it out for everything you need to know about traveling via river or ocean.

Post you’ll love: 5 Cruise Discounts You Might Not Know About

5. Clark Norton

Clark Norton is an accomplished freelance writer and journalist who brands himself as “the expert in baby boomer travel.” You’ll enjoy reading about his views on the state of travel today.

Post you’ll love: Airline Seat Reclining Wars: Everyone Loses

6. Frugal Travel Guy

If you’re intrigued about the world of travel rewards (using miles and points for free travel), read Rick Ingersoll’s blog; he knows what he’s talking about. Need proof? He and his wife “went for a five-year period traveling the world without paying for any airline tickets.”

Post you’ll love: How to Get Medical Coverage from Your Credit Card

7. Hole in the Donut

This is one of the most famous baby boomer travel blogs, and for good reason: Barbara Weibel’s stories are interesting and insightful, and her photos are beautiful.

Post you’ll love: Paid Voluntouring and Volunteering Scams in Nepal

8. Journeywoman

Another famous site, Journeywoman bills itself as the “premier travel resource just for women.” Its founder Evelyn Hannon is 70+ and still rocking! It even has a section specifically for boomers called “The Older Adventuress.”

Post you’ll love: Mothers Tell Daughters About Travel

9. Life Part II

Seeking true adventure? You’ll find it on Jonathan Look’s blog. This minimalist (and talented) photographer/writer has been traveling the world since his retirement four years ago.

Post you’ll love: What Does It Cost to Live in Bali for a Month?

10. More Time to Travel

In addition to being an accomplished psychologist (she’s known as “The Friendship Doctor), Irene Levine has a visually pleasing and well-written travel blog for people over 50.

Post you’ll love: 12 Things You MUST See and Do in Napa Valley

11. My Itchy Travel Feet

One of the most comprehensive guides to baby boomer travel, Donna and Alan Hull are always off an “active and inquisitive” adventure. This is surely one of the best blogs on the list!

Post you’ll love: Watching for Bears at Fish Creek, Alaska

12. Never Stop Traveling

Jim Ferri believes that “age is an attitude,” and his lifestyle reflects his beliefs. On his blog, he offers travel tips for destinations in Europe, South America, and North America.

Post you’ll love: A Multi-Generational Cooking Class in Tuscany

13. Ottsworld

Expressive writing and beautiful photographs make Sherry Ott’s blog a perennial favorite among travelers of all ages. We love reading about all of her unique adventures and can’t wait to see where she goes next.

Post you’ll love: What Has Travel Taught Me?

14. Solo Traveler

If you’re a boomer who’s interested in traveling solo, then this blog should be one of your first stops. Founders Janice Waugh and Tracey Nesbitt offer an abundance of solo travel tips and stories.

Post you’ll love: The Science of Happiness and Solo Travel After 50

15. Solo Travel Girl

Jennifer Huber’s blog is like sitting down to coffee with a well-traveled girlfriend; it’s chatty and fun, yet still really informative.

Post you’ll love: Whale Watching in Samaná Bay, Dominican Republic

16. The Gypsynesters

Hey empty nesters, have you ever thought about selling your home and traveling the world? That’s exactly what David and Veronica James did — and lucky for you, they chronicle their hilarious adventures on their blog.

Post you’ll love: Fear Conquering & Paragliding in Lima, Peru

17. TravelnLass

We love Dyanne Kruger’s sassy attitude towards off-the-beaten-path travel. Currently living in Ecuador, she talks a lot about life as an expat.

Post you’ll love: FAQs About Taking “The Great Leap”

18. Travel Past 50

Have you been around the block? So have Tom Bartel and Kristin Henning Bartel. Their blog features an eclectic mix of travel stories and tips from all corners of the world.

Post you’ll love: Our 2014 Travels in 50 Photos

19. WanderBoomer

Part of the bigger blog Wanderlust & Lipstick, WanderBoomer is written by Nancy Mueller. Warning: You could get sucked into this women-only travel site for hours.

Post you’ll love: 5 Fun Boomer Women Winter Travels

20. Women on the Road

Leyla Alyanak is one of the leading experts on solo female travel, and her blog is an inspiring source of empowerment for globetrotting women of any age.

Post you’ll love: Voluntourism: 10 Questions to Ask Before You Book

The Best Baby Boomer Travel Sites

Though the following sites aren’t specifically blogs, they are all great resources with articles written by boomer travelers.

21. AARP Travel

You may already receive the American Association of Retired Persons’ magazine — but did you know they also have a comprehensive website? We are huge fans of their travel section.

Post you’ll love: Maldives, Great Barrier Reef, and Other Disappearing Natural Wonders

22. Senior Travel

If you’re in search of straightforward and reliable travel tips, this site from is sure to become your new go-to.

Post you’ll love: What Is a Known Traveler Number, and What Should You Do With It?

23. BoomerCafé

We love that this site features submissions from boomers just like you. If you have an interesting travel story to share, this is the place to publish it!

Post you’ll love: A Baby Boomer’s Buddhist Pilgrimage

24. Everything Zoomer

Forget boomers; this site is for “Zoomers” aged 45+. It has articles about all aspects of the zoomer lifestyle, including travel and food.

Post you’ll love: Mexico: A Journey Through Food


You wouldn’t think a blog published by the American Grandparents Association would have a travel section — but it does, and it’s a good one!

Post you’ll love: 8 Best Breweries to Visit in America

26. Midlife Boulevard

If you’re a midlife woman, we guarantee you’ll appreciate the straight talk and frank advice offered on this multi-author site.

Post you’ll love: 4 Ways to Live Like the Locals When Traveling

27. Next Avenue

PBS is the voice behind this site for people over 50 — and who doesn’t love PBS? The travel section features well-written articles and compelling stories.

Post you’ll love: The Best Places to Retire Abroad in 2015

28. Sixty and Me

This upbeat boomer magazine doesn’t have a lot of travel features, but when they do, they’re interesting and informative.

Post you’ll love: Medical Tourism: What Seniors Need to Know

29. Zest Now

Are you a boomer woman looking for inspiration? Do you want to embrace the possibilities of this time in your life? Then it’s time to get zesty!

Post you’ll love: Travel to Find Your Family’s Past

There you go: the best baby boomer travel blogs for 2015. Which ones are your favorites? Which did we miss? Let us know in the comments. And if you know any boomers who could use some travel inspiration, we’d love it if you shared this post with them! 

63 Comments on “The 29 Best Baby Boomer Travel Blogs for 2015

  1. Thanks for including My Itchy Travel Feet on your list of best boomer travel blogs. We are honored to be included on such a great list of boomer travelers. And watching the bears at Fish Creek in Alaska is so much fun. We appreciate the mention.

  2. You’re welcome, Donna! Thanks for all the great content, and enjoy your cruise!

  3. Thanks to all at Discover Corps! I feel honored by the recognition and also pleased that boomer blogs are being recognized. Boomer travel provides an exciting and nearly endless variety of topics — including Airline Seat Reclining Wars!

  4. You’re very kind to include us in such a great list! We know many of those listed here, and we’re just delighted to be in their company.

  5. Nice round up, some known and some new to add to the reading list.

  6. Wonderful. I have profiled some of these boomers and look forward to covering others. Great list.

  7. Although I’m heartbroken that we aren’t on the list too there’s always hope for the future and this is a very good group!

  8. Thanks so much for including my blog, Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel, in your roundup of the best baby boomer travel blogs. I consider it an honor to be included among so many other great blogs!

  9. I’m definitely a boomer, and my travel blog reflects that sensibility. Although I don’t limit posts to boomer topics, most everything I cover is applicable to that demographic. Feel free to check it out:

  10. Can’t wait to check out these Boomer Blogs! Itchy Feet is a great one. Here’s an exciting Baby Boomer Travel Blog that I really love to follow everyday.

  11. WOW! What an honor – this is a great group of folks and we’re so happy to be included among them. YAY!

    Since you’ve asked… we do know an awesome blog that needs to be on the list: Boomeresque – the site is at – check it out – promise you’ll love it too!

    Thanks again,
    David & Veronica

  12. My blog is not exclusive to boomer pieces, but I have a column on the National Association of Babby Boomers I am their adventure travel expert. I have interviewed Donna Hull, of Itchty Feet Fame on my column. Your readers might enjoy my articles

  13. I was the fist of the baby boomers … still blogging and still traveling. Check out my blog

  14. You missed mine !! I’m EXPLORAMUM and we travel the world – country 44 right now in 2.5 years. I turn 53 tomorrow and my on is 9 years old, nearly 10. Would love to be included in your list. Our aim is 100 countries. We have no desire to stop, and my son loves this life 🙂

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  16. Thanks for the vote of confidence in’s Senior Travel site. It’s an honor to be included on this list of fantastic travel blogs and websites. In a way, I feel like I’ve been included twice, because I also write travel articles for Sixty and Me. I love sharing road-tested travel tips with my fellow Boomers. Thank you so much for mentioning my site!

  17. We’re honored for the feature! Thank you so much! 🙂

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  19. You’re welcome! Happy to feature you!

  20. You’re certainly an expert in the field, Nancy! Thanks for all the great articles.

  21. Wow, Ruth — sounds incredible! Thanks for stopping by. We’ll be sure to include you next year!

  22. Awesome, Heather! Thanks so much for letting us know. Sorry to miss you this year — we’ll include you in 2016!

  23. I definitely think they’d enjoy your articles, Linda! Thanks for stopping by. Can’t wait to check out your writing!

  24. Excellent! Thanks for the recommendation, guys. We’ll be sure to check out Boomeresque!

  25. Thanks for the tip, Debra! Glad you found the list helpful!

  26. Looks great, Beverly! Sorry we missed you this year — we’ll look for you in 2016. Happy travels!

  27. You’re welcome, Barbara. We’re big fans of your blog!

  28. Thanks for stopping by, Kay! Sorry we missed you this year — we’ll find you in 2016. Happy travels!

  29. Great, Charles! Glad you found some new bloggers on the list.

  30. Excellent, Nat. It’s always fun to add to the reading list!

  31. You ladies deserve it — keep up the great work!

  32. Haha! You’re welcome, Clark; that was one of our favorite posts. Here’s to baby boomer travel!

  33. Andrew thanks for the share! What a fab list of resources and hey, as I’m getting to connect with more travel bloggers these days this is a fine networking tool for me too. Bookmarked, and I’ll be back 😉


  34. Thanks for finding a couple more blogs for me….but you missed Travels with Tam!

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  36. Great group of blogs I am familiar with most of them but found a few new ones.

  37. Thank you so much for including me in this list. I am humbled to be included among so many great blogs. Looking forward to an amazing 2015!

  38. You’re welcome, Jonathan. We’re looking forward to following your adventures this year!

  39. Glad to hear it, Bob! Thanks for stopping by.

  40. Eek, sorry about that, Tam! We’ll get you next year 🙂

  41. Awesome, Ryan! Glad you found it helpful. Happy 2015!

  42. Thank you for this list! While I’m not quite a boomer, my fiancé (who is closer than I am) and I have been searching for blogs appealing more to our niche and have had a rough time of it! Here they are!!

  43. Thank you so much for including me!

  44. You’re very welcome, Linda!

  45. Wonderful, Sarah! Glad we could introduce you two to some new blogs.

  46. Great list! I have followed them all on my Twitter feed so we don’t miss out. I’ll follow you too.

    My husband and I are on a post-retirement quest to travel nonstop on less than it cost us to live at home. It ain’t much. We are living off the social-sharing economy like Bedouins.

    Maybe someday our Blog will be among your suggestions too. If you want a laugh, here’s a post on our first housesitting assignment:

  47. Thanks so much for sharing, Tracy! Your blog and stories are wonderful.

  48. Suzanne Stavert

    Although we did not make the list this year, you have chosen some great ones! Safe travels everyone!

  49. Thanks, Suzanne! We’ll be sure to check you out for next year 🙂

  50. Cacinda Maloney

    Although my blog did not make your list, I would love to be considered for next year. I see quite a few of my friends on here!

  51. Of course, Cacinda — sorry we missed you. Thanks for stopping by!

  52. Thanks! I look forward to you taking a look at We are having a great deal of fun finding adventure!

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  54. Ina Britton

    Good to see. Lots of topics to read here.

  55. Thanks for including my post under Midlife Boulevard and for creating such a great list. My husband and I sold our house and 2/3 of our stuff a couple of years ago and we’re now slow traveling and loving every minute of it. I can’t imagine life any other way!

  56. Please add in your next update!


  57. Great list to recognize baby boomer travelers and writers. The travel industry needs to be reminded that it’s boomers who have the time and money to explore the world and we need to listen to their needs. We look forward to working with a number of these bloggers in the future.


  58. Great list! I’m so thrilled to see iconic boomer women Journeywoman and Hole in the Donut both included. I’m a boomer blogger who would love to be included- but most of my readers are much younger which I love! Nothing better than getting a comment or social media share from a young woman young enough to be my daughter!

  59. Great list. Some I knew of, others are now bookmarked to read regularly. My husband and I have just relocated to Grenada, West Indies, have traveled exclusively for the past 2 years and plan to continue to travel for 6 months each year. My travel blog chronicles our travels and adventures in Grenada. Would love for you to check it out!

  60. Michael

    Great list, certainly a few in there to add to my bookmarks, thanks!

  61. Wow! Thanks for putting this list of the best baby boomer travel blogs together. I find them really useful as my parents, who are now aged over 50, love traveling.

  62. Amanda DiSilvestro

    That’s great to hear Aika, and thank you for reading!

  63. Such a really great list. They are really read so interesting. Add to my bookmarks, thanks for sharing nice information.

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