Why Is Everyone Talking About Intergenerational Travel?

intergenerational volunteer vacation

When’s the last time you traveled with your family?

Baby boomer travel is at an all time high, and statistics show that “intergenerational travel” is part of that trend.

Just like it sounds: intergenerational travel entails traveling with multiple generations of one family, which could mean you, your kids, and your grandkids, or just you and your nieces.

Sounds fun, right? Traveling with your extended family is the perfect opportunity to reconnect.

But what kind of trip should you take? Adventure travel might be too rigorous for the youngest and oldest in your family, and theme parks may interest the grandchildren more than the adults.

Our suggestion? A volunteer vacation. It’s a well-balanced combination of fun, adventure, and education — not only for the little ones, but also for you!

Let’s break down why volunteering abroad works on many levels for your next intergenerational vacation:

It Makes Summer Meaningful

Summer is an ideal time to book a volunteer vacation with your family; kids are less distracted and more open to new experiences.

Imagine opening up the culture of Guatemala to them, watching them interact and play with Guatemalan children their own age, or working alongside them to teach English to schoolchildren. It’s these moments that are irreplaceable!

It Raises Thoughtful Adults

Exposing your family to other countries and teaching them the importance of tolerance will influence their outlook on humanity for the better.

At Discover Corps, we believe in balanced viewpoints. Our volunteer vacations are not all idyllic — through visits with social organizations, our travelers learn about the challenges facing the communities we work with. It’s these authentic experiences that shape your kids into caring and thoughtful adults.

It Promotes Quality Time

If you live far from your grandchildren, a trip of this nature is a special reunion full of excitement and meaning. Remember: you’re in this together, and overseas travel forces you to rely on and learn from each other.

Not only does volunteering strengthen your ties with each other — it also helps the communities we are visiting. And it doesn’t get better than that.

It’s Fun!

Volunteering together leads to incredible memories for you and your family.

While our volunteer trips have structure, we always leave room for spontaneous moments to emerge between our travelers and the local people.

Whether you’re hiking together in a valley, learning to cook a native dish, or helping with a village project — laughter and smiles are never far off.

If you’re reading this blog, we know you’re not an outdated stereotype from the 1950s, content to laze around in your rocking chair, grandchild on one knee, fading away bit by bit. Heck no! 

Intergenerational travel — and volunteer vacations in particular — are the perfect chance to deepen your familial relationships and celebrate your vitality.

 Have you considered traveling internationally with your children or grandchildren?

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