Interview from “The Sea Turtle Initiative”: Discover Corps Guide Tara

A surf trip to Costa Rica changed Tara’s life, ultimately leading her to move to their white-sand beaches and devote her life to sea turtle conservation. Today, Tara shares her passion with travelers from around the world to create unforgettable memories for those who are looking for something more unique and a little bit more impactful for their vacation.

On our Costa Rica: The Sea Turtle Initiative trip, travelers get the rare opportunity to help endangered sea turtles and learn from biologists and conservationists more about about the threats they face and the efforts taking place in Costa Rica to bring back the population. You’ll see primarily olive ridley turtles and will either travel during nesting season to see the mother turtles coming to shore, or during hatching season, where you’ll see hatchlings make their way to the ocean (and sometimes, lend struggling hatchlings a hand!). In addition to night patrol drives, experience zip-lining, river tubing on the Rio Vegro, an animal rescue center for big cats, and more.

So what is the trip really like? Watch the video above and get to know Tara. Write your questions in the comments below!


2 responses to “Interview from “The Sea Turtle Initiative”: Discover Corps Guide Tara

  1. Could not pull up the interview
    What is the cost to do this, is housing provided? Do you work several days at a time. Do have several free days to enjoy the area?

  2. Hi Carrie great to hear from you! The cost of the program is $2,995/adult and $2,495/child with everything included except airfare (meals, lodging, transportation, etc.). You are only working with conservationists for about three of the eight days, so plenty of time to relax, go zip-lining, tubing, shopping – whatever you would like!

    Please visit here and request a full detailed itinerary:

    Also, I’m sorry you weren’t able to see the video – you can try going straight to our page on YouTube which may work better:

    Please let us know if you have any more questions!

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