Interview from Peru: Discover Corps’ Guide Miguel

The name of our Peru trip, Children of the Andes, gives a great indication of what you can expect on your vacation with purpose to this special part of South America. You will spend quality time teaching, learning from, and connecting with children that each have a unique story to share. This time is precious and much needed for all involved, but it’s hardly the only aspect of this dynamic experience. Discover Corps’ guide for Peru, Miguel, agrees:

“I think what is most surprising to the travelers, is the beauty of the country. The colonial remains that we have. The churches. The archaeological remains of the Inca’s. All the scenery here on the Andes. You are going to see this villa [of the home base] is surrounded by huge and beautiful mountains.”

Miguel is spot on with this assessment, without even mentioning one of the main attractions – Machu Picchu. But his message is clear: Peru is stunning! In the video below, Miguel provides further details on this Peruvian adventure:

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