Interview from the Ground in South Africa: Discover Corps Guide William [Video]

There is no better way to connect with country than through its people, and in South Africa, the locals will tell you that conservation is a part of their culture.

On our South Africa: Wildlife Volunteer Adventure trip, you volunteer at two reserves in the area that are spearheading conservation work for the rest of the world. First, Somkhanda Game Reserve was created by the local Gumbi Tribe who was dedicated the land to conservation. Due to challenging terrain and a small team, monitoring the reserve’s array of wildlife is a massive undertaking. While volunteering, travelers join these dedicated conservationists to protect critical populations of black and white rhino through radio tracking and set camera traps to record information on leopards. Second is Nambiti Game Reserve, the only reserve in the area with the Big 5 – lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino – and boasts 22,000 acres of African bush hosting over 40 species of wildlife. Travelers venture out each day to record key data on elephants, buffalo and wild dogs that helps the reserve keep track of their vulnerable wildlife population.

So what is the trip really like? Watch the video below and get to know native South African William, one of Discover Corps’ guides on the Wildlife Volunteer Adventure vacation.

Questions for William or for Discover Corps? Email us anytime at or call us at 619-758-3030 for more information. We can’t wait to travel with you!

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