Interview from the Ground in Kenya: Discover Corps Guide Zarek

For Zarek, growing up in Kenya meant growing up with a keen understanding of conservation, both for the nature and wildlife in his country. Today, Zarek shares his passion with travelers from around the world, and digs deep into education and creating impact with Discover Corps travelers who want something more on their vacation.

On our Kenya: Safari & Conservation trip, you go behind-the-scenes at wildlife reserves, track lions, collect data on cheetahs in the savannah, and marvel at the last northern white rhinos in the world. In addition to safari drives and hands-on interaction with conservation projects, meet with the indigenous Masai communities that inhabit the reservers and experience their traditional ways of life.

So what is the trip really like? Watch the video below and get to know native Kenyan Zarek, one of Discover Corps’ guides on the Safari & Conservation vacation. Write your questions in the comments!

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