Travel Regulations for the Year 2022

2022 is finally here! And that means a whole new year of international travel as borders open up. Though COVID-19 is getting more manageable and we can (hopefully) see the end at this point, travel restrictions are still changing constantly. Check out this blog post which will give you all the info you need for traveling in the new year.

Discover Corps Risk Management Manual

To start off with, check out the Discover Corps Travel Portal. This amazing resource will have all the info you need about traveling on a DC trip this year, including travel updates, traveler info, and the COVID-19 Portal and Risk Management Manual. This is your one-stop-shop for any questions you have about trips this year!

Travel Insurance: A Good Plan for Any Adventure

Travel insurance is your best friend these days. In a world that has become increasingly unpredictable, travel insurance provides the necessary back-up in the case that things go wrong. Whether it’s the delay of a flight, somebody in the family being restricted from traveling last minute due to COVID or any other situation that inhibits travel, insurance policies are there to provide reassurance.

Picking the right policy depends on a range of factors. We always recommend getting benefits that cover in the case of trip cancellation or disruption – be sure to check that COVID-related issues are included in the benefits! This will give you not only peace of mind, but flexibility in re-booking your trip again when you are able to safely travel. Discover Corps partners with Roam Right insurance, a leading travel insurance carrier that has a range of policies to suit any need.

CDC Traveler Notice Levels

This helpful graphic above provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) helps easily explain what to look for in travel risks. For Level 1, you should still use precautions but travel is basically the same as staying put, with limited risk to the traveler. Level 2 suggests that you should take more precautions while traveling to these destinations but even with the increased risk, traveling should still be fine! Level 3 is when you should possibly reconsider travel.

This guide is made for a quick reference, so be sure to look into the details of the area you’re considering traveling to in order to make the best decision possible.

Travel Specialists: What Sets Discover Corps Apart

One of the best resources you have to navigate the ever-changing travel restrictions for different destinations is Discover Corps Travel Specialists. They’re here at any time to help you make decisions on where to travel this year and help you find the resources you need to be safe.

These experts will also be with you every step of the way as you travel, constantly monitering different channels and helping you through any challenges you experience. For many of our DC travelers, our Travel Specialists are what keep them coming back for trip after trip with Discover Corps! Give us a call and we’ll start planning your dream trip for this year!

More Helpful Travel Resources

Here’s a list of some very helpful travel resources that will give you up-to-date travel restriction info on wherever you’re planning to go.

Discover Corps COVID-19 Travel Watch

Sherpa: Live Updates for Travel Restrictions

CDC COVID-19 Travel Recommendations by Destination

Still not finding what you’re looking for? Reach out to a travel specialist at!

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