5 Worthy Organizations to Donate to in Honor of Memorial Day

When you hear the words “Memorial Day,” what comes to mind?

If you’re like many Americans, you probably think of a long weekend filled with sunshine and BBQs. But don’t forget that the holiday is about much more than that: it’s a day to remember the brave men and women who have served in our military. 

Memorial Day is coming up on May 25th. In honor of this special day, we’ve rounded up some charities that are worthy of your time, money, and attention.

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Where to Donate to Veterans

1. The USO (United Service Organizations)

Thought we’d start with a big one. The USO has operated since 1941, and though they aren’t part of the federal government, they provide entertainment, care packages, and recreation-based services to military members and their families.With 135 centers worldwide, this reputable organization has provided reliable support to the military for a long time.

2. Wounded Warriors Family Support

Founded by retired U.S. Marine Corps Colonel John Folsom in 2003, this organization helps the families of men and women who were wounded, injured, or killed during combat. They offer free retreats for wounded veterans and their families, with the goal of enabling them to reconnect and heal from the emotional and psychological impacts of war.

3. Homes for Our Troops

Many of our veterans live with PTSD and permanent disabilities. Homes for Our Troops helps veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan with one vital aspect to a happy life: a mortgage-free home that’s adaptable to their needs. Established in 2004, this organization has constructed 187 homes and shows no signs of stopping.

4. Hope for the Warriors

This wonderful non-profit organization was founded by military wives who witnessed the lingering effects of war on military families. Their extensive programs focus on enhancing the quality of life for post-9/11 veterans and their families and include career transition and education programs, health and wellness counseling, and community events.

5. Fisher House Foundation

The goal of this organization is to help military spouses find nearby housing when their spouses are recovering from combat injuries. In recent conflicts around the globe, more than a million men and women have been wounded, so the importance of this organization’s work can’t be overstated.

On this upcoming Memorial Day, honor the patriots who have selflessly served our country — and consider donating to one of these worthy organizations.

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How do you plan on remembering our veterans on Memorial Day?

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