The True Cost of Cuba

Cultural travel to Cuba
Have you been surprised by the cost of trips to Cuba? If so, you’re not alone. While many are excited at the prospect of traveling to Cuba, many are also taken aback when they realize how expensive it really is. And often, their first question is “Why?” In this post, we’ll explore what’s happening behind-the-scenes that’s driving up the cost of travel to Cuba.

Why Travel to Cuba Costs More

In this case, the numbers tell the story. Most importantly, the number of people traveling to Cuba has skyrocketed: from 800,000 people per year in 1995 to nearly 3 million in 2012, according to The Washington Post. Now, with the loosening of regulations by the U.S. government, tourism is expected to increase even further.

This explosion of visitors to Cuba has led to a big problem: a lack of hotel rooms. Since the demand to visit Cuba is higher than the supply of tourist services, prices have started to escalate. And since Cuba doesn’t have a free market system, it will take a while before additional hotel construction is approved and built by the government. This is a huge factor in why it costs so much to visit Cuba.

The cost is further increased by the red tape and bureaucracy involved in traveling to Cuba legally. Lucky for you, Discover Corps has hired staff who will obtain your Cuban visa, book your charter flight, and coordinate all the Treasury Department paperwork on your behalf, so you can travel to Cuba — legally and easily.

Why It’s Worth It

While Cuba is more expensive than many other destinations, it is a very unique time to visit: groundbreaking shifts are occurring, and yet, traditional Cuban culture is still vibrantly thriving. Best of all, Discover Corps’ all-inclusive packages are priced lower than comparable trips to Cuba.  

For Americans, it’s hard to find a better value — especially when you consider that our trips include your visa and flight to Cuba, all meals, hotels, transportation, day trips, activities, and entrance fees. Not to mention, you’ll have an unbeatable combination of guides: a seasoned American guide and an expert Cuban guide. Together, their connections with the island’s most fascinating people will open doors — and build bridges of friendship across cultures.

Are you interested in traveling to Cuba? What other questions do you have? 

3 responses to “The True Cost of Cuba

  1. I am interested in traveling to Cuba but have a few questions:
    What exactly will volunteering involve?
    Please explain the lodging situation , is it all hotels?
    My sister will be traveling with me and has a bad knee. How much walking and bending is involved? Are there optional activities?
    Thank you!

  2. Hi Nancy! Thanks for your questions and interest in traveling to Cuba. Some of your questions might be answered in this FAQ post or this description of the trip. I am also passing your information on to Alex, one of our travel specialists. He’ll be in touch with specific answers to your questions soon — so keep an eye for an email from him. Hope to see you in Cuba soon!

  3. Are you licensed by both the US Treasury and the Cuban government? Also, do you have trips geared specifically to photographers, where it is possible to get off the beaten path and out of the more touristy places?

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