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Disability, physical demands, and walking concerns

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Walking: Typically, Discover Corps trips only require 2 miles or less of walking and 2 hours or less of being on your feet at a time. That being said, every trip is different and may involve uneven surfaces, hot temperatures and entering and exiting boats/specialty vehicles. If you have limitations, it is best to speak with a Travel Specialist who can recommend the proper trips for you.

Disability: The health and safety of every traveler is of the utmost importance. Any type of physical disability is generally not an issue, but it depends on the severity of the issue. Most developing countries do not adhere to the same wheel accessibility as the U.S., so we recommend contacting us directly to discuss and determine which trip would work best. We will ask you a few simple questions to learn more about your background and management of this particular health condition. We take these steps to ensure that we can safely accommodate for each traveler. In most cases we can, but sometimes we may need to follow up with staff in country to double check.

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