Vacations with Purpose

Discover Corps offers three trip types — Nature & Wildlife Adventures, Volunteer Vacations, and Cultural Explorations — all with a unique purpose that benefits the communities we visit. You’ll see the sights, but also dive beneath the surface, returning home inspired to become an advocate for our planet’s natural wonders, cultural treasures, and local communities.

A Meaningful Way to Travel

Because you want more from your travel experiences. Embrace the spirit of the discovery by taking a trip based in purposeful projects, hands-on cultural immersion, and breathtaking sights infused with meaningful thrill. Even well-known destinations take on new dimensions when visited as part of a vacation with purpose.

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Our team of local expert guides gives you unparalleled access in different ways on three different trip types: Nature & Wildlife Adventures, Volunteer Vacations, Cultural Explorations. Since our average group size is 8-10 travelers, you can have experiences that big tours can’t, and because you’re traveling with us, we can ensure you’ll have a safe and seamless travel experience with a purpose that benefits the communities you’ll visit. What are you waiting for?

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Types of Trips

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Discover a New Way to Travel

Discover Corps’ travel experience is one-of-a-kind: you’ll meet local people, immerse yourself in indigenous culture, visit historical sites, and enjoy regional food. Journey to our partner countries and embark on roads less traveled.  A vacation will become a meaningful adventure.


What Will You Discover?

  • MaryAnn Barber


    India.  What can I say?  Everything about the country blows my senses away.  The food, colors, history, architecture, but most of all, the people.  This trip let me connect with some fun and fascinating people and gave me an insider’s look at the Tibetan exile community.  I also enjoyed the impromptu meetings and activities we did, like morning yoga in the mountains.  I’ll never think of India the same way.

    India - Tigers, Temples & Taj
  • Ingrid Apogs


    Peru was a magical experience for me.  My objective was to see the archaeological sites and beautiful Andean culture.  But I ended the trip feeling like I got much more than that – I felt my soul replenished, and I gained a true understanding of what life in the Andes is all about. While I loved volunteering with the children, I also enjoyed the trip to Machu Picchu, guest speakers, and educational activities.

    Peru - Children of the Andes
  • Janet Grieg


    At this point we are delighted with what we accomplished and the teachers pleased with what we have left them,” Janet Grieg, says in regards to the progress her small group made while in Guatemala, “Not only teaching aids – but a wonderful sense of shared purpose for us all.

    Guatemala - In & Beyond the Classroom

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Types of Volunteer Trips

Volunteer Trips for Single Travelers

Single travelers are often charged an expensive “single supplement” if they want a room to themselves.  However, we make it affordable for single travelers.  On all trips, we can pair single travelers with a roommate in order to avoid any additional fees. On some trips we offer a free single room to solo travelers – just look for dates marked “Solo Traveler Savings” (STS).   Read more about our Solo Traveler Savings program.

Volunteer Travel for Women

Women often face unique safety challenges when traveling abroad.  However, our volunteer trips offer women an easy, turnkey service program that is managed by our expert in-country staff.  Our staff will make you feel like you’re part of their family, and share all of their insider knowledge so you have an insightful, authentic and safe volunteer vacation.  Read more about how our volunteer trips accommodate women travelers.

Volunteer Vacations for Seniors

Combine your love of travel with your desire to make a difference.  Whether you’re traveling with a friend, spouse or your grandchildren, our trips feature all-inclusive pricing so you don’t have to worry about a thing.  Our trips are not physically demanding, and our guides can tailor activities to your level of fitness. Read more about our volunteer travel for seniors.

Volunteer Travel to Costa Rica

Travel to Costa Rica has never been easier.  We plan your entire Costa Rican vacation with meticulous care.  Our volunteer trips to Costa Rica allow you to experience its pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and friendly people.  Whether you want to volunteer with sea turtles, help protect the environment, or simply relax – we have the perfect trip to Costa Rica for you.

Intergenerational Volunteer Family Travel

Are you looking for the perfect family vacation? A volunteer vacation for your family might be the ideal getaway.  Volunteering abroad as a family is a great way to expose children to other cultures in a safe and secure environment.  Intergenerational volunteer trips are also a wonderful way to pass on your values of service and compassion to the next generation. Read more about family volunteer vacations.

Trips to Volunteer with Animals & Wildlife

Connect your love of animals and your passion for travel by volunteering with a conservation organization.  Whether you’re protecting sea turtles in Costa Rica or conserving leopards in South Africa, you’ll go behind the scenes of the worldwide animal conservation movement. Read more about our animal volunteer programs.
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