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What are the differences between the Cuba trips?

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We are excited to offer five different itineraries that take you deep into the heart of Cuban society and culture. Whether it’s exploring the vibrant arts and music scene of Havana or uncovering the natural wonders of Western Cuba, we have a Cuba trip for all ages and interests.

Nature & Wildlife Adventure

Cuba: Preserving Nature’s Wonders. Nature lovers will enjoy exploring mountains, islands, and of course, a bit of Havana. Go deep into the countryside of Cuba and explore tobacco fields and beautiful beaches.

Cultural Exploration

Cuba: Building Bridges. Volunteer alongside children in Havana to develop a community arts project while seeing the most beautiful corners of Cuba.

Cuba: Celebration of Arts & Culture. A vibrant immersion into arts, music, and culture, recommended for those with children older than 15. You’ll experience the Cuban nightlife like a local!

Cuba: Havana Weekend Getaway. Four days of the best that Havana has to offer! This is Discover Corps shortest trip.

Cuba: Family Island Exploration . A family journey through Cuba where you’ll uncover Cuba’s iconic arts and music scene, stunning beaches, countryside & friendly locals!

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