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What is the difference between the two Thailand trips?

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We always get a lot of questions about our two elephant programs in Thailand and what makes them different, so here is a quick rundown:

Thailand: The Baby Elephant Experience (download a detailed itinerary here)

  • This trip is based in Northern Thailand, which is very different than the south. Northern Thailand is known for its rolling green hills and gorgeous temples. On this trip, you will also visit the bustling city of Chiang Mai where you will truly feel immersed in the culture as you explore markets and visit local hill tribe communities. 
  • There are baby elephants and their mothers roaming free at this elephant sanctuary! So if you want to see baby elephants, this is your trip. 
  • In addition to seeing all the sites, get adventurous with a zip-line through the jungle.

Thailand: Elephants & Islands Expedition (download a detailed itinerary here)

  • This trip is based in Southern Thailand, which is very different than the north. Southern Thailand is known for its gorgeous beaches and laid back vibes. You will have the chance to visit a small fishing village to learn about life on the islands and truly experience the local culture.
  • Because you are in the South, you will be able to explore the islands surrounding the south, including Koh Phi Phi. Here is a photo you may recognize of the gorgeous Koh Phi Phi island a Discover Corps traveler recently submitted to us.
  • The time spent with the elephants is similar to in the north, but baby elephants are not guaranteed. You will bathe, feed, and help take the elephants on their morning walks with mahouts, or elephant caretakers
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