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What is the difference between the Costa Rica trips?

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Collectively, our Costa Rica trips cover a large geographic and programmatic range, so for a more detailed response, contact a Travel Specialist. However, here are some of the high level differences:

  • Costa Rica: Eco Rainforest Adventure. Our most luxurious trip in Costa Rica, located in the Osa Peninsula found in the Southern part of the country (found here)
  • Costa Rica: Family Volunteer Adventure. Our itinerary with the most iconic national parks, found on the beautiful pacific side of the country (found here)
  • Costa Rica: The Sea Turtle Initiative. Our most service-oriented trip, this trip also has a higher level of difficulty because you can expect late nights and sea turtle patrols in the dark (found here)
  • Costa Rica: Wildlife Safari. Our only trip that visits the wilder and more rustic Caribbean side of the country (found here)
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