Family Volunteer Vacations

A fun & meaningful trip to the Dominican Republic

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Family vacation, reinvented!  Our volunteer vacations allow you to discover the Dominican Republic through its people.

Whether you’re building a school in a village or snorkeling over coral reefs with a local environmental expert, these people-to-people connections provides insights into the country in a way that other tours don’t.

  • Help build a school in a Caribbean coastal community
  • Connect first-hand with Dominican artisansmusicians and cultural icons
  • Hike out to rural villages that most travelers never visit
  • Insider access to people and places through the National Peace Corps Association
  • Relax on pristine beaches with crystal clear waters
  • Experience the plight of Haitian immigrants who’ve come in search of a better life
  • All-inclusive pricing covers all meals, lodging, drinks, excursions, and tips – hassle free!

Make a Difference

dominican volunteer building bottle school

The rural villages of the Dominican Republic suffer from a shortage of schools.  Our travelers work side-by-side with local people to build schools out of discarded plastic bottles.  Once the frame of the school is completed, drywall is attached and the school is painted.  The finished product looks wonderful and it is a way to construct low-cost schools while incorporating lessons about the environmental impact of plastic in these remote communities.


“We had been to a resort in the DR before but we wanted to really explore the rest of the island.  This was exactly what we got – an up close and personal experience of the real Dominican Republic.  Our guide Dave introduced us to really fascinating characters and the volunteer project gave us a way to learn about the challenges people faced.  It was a powerful bonding experience for our family.”

Dominican Republic volunteer

Patty C. - Princeton, NJ

Dominican Republic

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