Uganda – Gorilla Conservation Adventure

Trek with a veterinarian to collect data on the gorillas for later analysis in the lab – your impact helps support the Gorilla Conservation Camp.
$5,895 Adult* / $5,495 Child*

Our Purpose

Mountain gorillas are majestic creatures that can now only be found in three countries in the world – one of those being the dense jungles of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. On this truly once-in-a-lifetime experience you will have the opportunity to spend a day trekking through the jungle and observing gorillas in their natural habitat. We’ll also use our time to make a small contribution to the protection of mountain gorillas, as well as chimps and lions along the way, as we assist teams of conservationists, researchers and veterinarians in their important work. A veterinarian will join us on the trek to collect stool samples to later test in the lab for parasites & other diseases. This will help determine the overall health of the gorilla family as well as provide a first-hand glimpse into the work being done to protect these gentle giants.

On this 10-day journey, you will also come face-to-face with rare tree-climbing lions as well as track wild chimpanzees in the Equatorial forests of Uganda. We’ll also enjoy a host of authentic cultural experiences, from visiting children at a rural community school to meet with women involved in a local charity project.

Volunteer Time = 12 hours

What You'll Do

Venture through the jungle watching chimps swing from tree to tree in one of the densest concentrations of chimps in the world. Join a researcher with a radio tracking device to track the infamous tree-climbing lions. Typically a rare sight to see, conservationists work to track these lions behind the scenes to protect them from approaching livestock and people, and you will get a chance to experience this project firsthand. You will also help a veterinarian collect samples and assess the health of the gorillas after your trek, helping to contribute to The Gorilla Conservation Camp. Check to see if the gorillas are pregnant, have a parasite, are sick, and more.

When you’re not focused on the wildlife of the region, spend time supporting those who call Uganda home. Learn basket-weaving from women involved in a local charity project setup to empower women struggling with poverty, HIV and domestic violence. After, spend time at a primary school getting to know the children and helping play educational games.

What You'll See

Journey into the heart of the East African wilderness by exploring three of Uganda’s famed national parks. Immerse yourself in the natural world with overnight stays in stunning safari lodges combined with excursions into a series of Ugandan wildlife reserves. Animal encounters will include tracking and observing chimpanzee families in their natural habitat, spotting elephants, leopards and buffalo on game drives, and coming face-to-face with rare tree-climbing lions – a rare breed of lion only found in two places in the world – as you track them with a local conservationist. After your trek when you have finally reached the gorillas, spend 1 hour with them observing their behavior.

In addition to the game drive and tracking chimps and gorillas, sail along the Kazinga Channel, a narrow stretch of water connecting Lake Edward and Lake George where you can spot elephants, hippos, and more on the shore.

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Itinerary Overview

Gorilla Trekking FAQs

Gorilla trekking is, by its nature, a highly physical experience. The trek itself can last anywhere from an hour to four hours each way depending on how deep the gorillas are in the jungle. This equates to walking one mile to several miles each way in dense equatorial jungle. You will have a guide and porter with you who will help you throughout the experience, but there are a few things to prepare for before you depart to ensure you have a

safe and successful trip! The gorillas themselves have been habituated, meaning they will not be aggressive or harm humans, you just have to always be aware and abide by all rules that are stated prior to the trek including keeping a safe distance. Learn more about the ins and outs of gorilla trekking and FAQs here.

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Where You'll Stay

Throughout Uganda we will stay in a series of luxury safari lodges located in and around the national parks. In Kibale National Park, we stay at Ndali Lodge, a collection of luxury colonial-style thatched-roof villas set on top of an extinct volcano, with views of the Rwenzori Mountains and Lake Nyinambuga. In Queen Elizabeth National Park, we will stay at Mazike Valley Lodge, where you can see elephants and other wildlife roaming free from the veranda of your spacious, traditional cottage. And in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, we stay at Mahogany Springs, a complex of beautiful individual villas overlooking the park – and occasionally visited by curious gorillas.

Alex D.

San Diego, CA

Traveler's Journal

“At first our group was excited to take photos of the gorillas, but it was the 45 minutes we got to spend after that initial adrenaline was over that took my breath away. The mannerisms of the gorillas and how similar they were to humans was mesmerizing to watch and something I will never forget. Beyond these moments, I loved that we had a veterinarian on the trek with us – she was a wealth of knowledge and we collected data with her and learned about the health of the gorillas back at the lab. At this point we knew each gorilla by name, so this added experience was once-in-a-lifetime (and something I only found with Discover Corps!). I cannot stress enough how incredible this experience was from start to finish.”

Dates and Fees

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10 Days/9 Nights

Program Cost: $5,895 Adult* / $5,495 Child*

2022 Dates

February 6-15, 2022

June 5-14, 2022

August 7-16, 2022

October 2-11, 2022

2023 Dates

February 5-14, 2022

  • * Double Occupancy Price. Children’s pricing applies to travelers between the ages of 15-16 sharing a room with an adult.
  • Mandatory Single Room Supplement = $1200. This is required if we cannot find a suitable roommate.
  • Mandatory Supplement = $1200/person for gorilla permit, chimp permit, and bush flight. Learn more here.
  • Children must be 15 years old to travel on this trip
  • Please note: This trip has slightly different Terms & Conditions than other Discover Corps trips. Read the terms here.

What's Included

  • 9 nights in premier level lodging
  • All meals throughout the trip
  • English-speaking local guides that are there to support, guide, and inform you throughout the trip
  • Reliable in-country landcruiser transportation with experienced drivers
  • Admissions and entrance fees to national parks, historic sites and other scheduled events throughout the trip
  • Behind-the-scenes experiences with lion researchers and a gorilla veterinarian
  • All gratuities for hotels, meals, baggage, and transportation
  • One-way domestic flight from Bwindi to Entebbe
  • $50,000 emergency medical evacuation insurance
  • Discover Corps digital pre-departure booklet
  • Turnkey customer support from preparing for your trip to arrival back home

What’s not included:

  • International airfare

  • All alcoholic beverages

  • Uganda Visa (or e-visa)

  • The mandatory supplement fee for the gorilla and chimp permits and bush flight
  • Tips for Discover Corps guide

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