Volunteer Vacations in Peru

An inspiring and authentic way to discover Peru

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A volunteer vacation allows you to discover Peru through its people.

Whether you’re tutoring young children at the village school or having lunch with an anthropologist, these people-to-people connections provides insights into the country in a way that other tours don’t.

  • Volunteer with kids at a rural school in an Andean village
  • Connect with Peruvian artisansmusicians and cultural icons
  • Learn to play pre-Incan Andean instruments
  • Explore the archaeological marvels throughout the Sacred Valley
  • All-inclusive pricing covers all meals, lodging, excursions, and tips – hassle free!

“Peru was a magical experience for me. It was wonderful to see the archaeological sites and beautiful Peruvian culture – but volunteering with the children in the village gave me an authentic glimpse into daily life in the Andes. I ended the trip feeling like I got much more than that – I felt my soul replenished, and I gained a true understanding of what Andean culture is all about. It was so much deeper than any trip I’ve taken; it was an inspiring and enlightening journey”

Peru volunteer vacation

Ingrid A. - Chicago, IL


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