Discover a country through its people

Discover a New Way to Travel

Our trips are unique because they connect you directly to the people, wildlife, and culture of a country.  Whether it’s protecting sea turtle hatchlings in Costa Rica or lending a hand at the village school nestled in the Andes of Peru, dig deep into a country and gain real access to a new culture, providing insights and inspiration in a way that other tours don’t.

  • Connect  with fascinating people such as artisansmusicians and cultural icons
  • Engage in fun and meaningful wildlife conservation projects
  • Explore amazing natural wonders such as safari parks, waterfalls, and pristine beaches
  • Participate in local activities for those looking to volunteer with real purpose
  • Alumni and group discounts for families of 4 or more help make every trip affordable
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“Tanzania was an inspiring place.  Mount Kilimanjaro and the wildlife safari were definite highlights, but having a personal connection to the community made a world of difference.”

Tanzania volunteer vacation

Karen K. - Morrison, CO


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