Explore Authentic Thailand

Discover the real Thailand through its people

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Our trips are unique because they connect you directly to the people of a country. Whether it’s learning to cook a regional delicacy or helping out at the village school, these people-to-people connections provides insights into the country in a way that other tours don’t.

  • Connect first-hand with Thai artisansmusicians and cultural icons
  • Become part of a northern Thai community and lend a hand in their schools
  • Learn to cook Thai food and learn how to shop for its ingredients
  • Lose yourself in outdoor craft markets made by local artisans
  • Explore breathtaking Buddhist temples and chat with monks
  • All-inclusive pricing covers all meals, lodging, drinks, excursions, and tips – hassle free!

“Each day was full of rewarding experiences; whether it was an attempted English but mostly non-verbal ‘conversation’ with an elementary school teacher, a discussion with a Buddhist monk about religion in contemporary society, or simply wandering through an open-air market savoring the scents of unfamiliar spices.  Everywhere and every day confirmed Thailand’s reputation as “the land of smiles.”

Pat W. - Bethesda, MD


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