Volunteer Vacations Abroad

Meaningful, small group travel to Asia, Africa, Latin America, Australia & the U.S.!

Volunteer vacations allow you to immerse yourself in other cultures, gain access few others have, and explore the beauty of the unique destinations we visit.

Discover Corps offers a new way to travel. We believe that travel can be transformative. That it can empower the communities we visit. And that it can make the world a better place. Lend a hand, learn and explore the local culture. Our expert local staff and portfolio of boutique lodges will make your trip enjoyable and unforgettable.

  • Join local non-profits to protect wildlife in Africa, Australia, Asia and Latin America
  • Super small groups to allow up close encounters with animals & access to communities
  • Connect with fascinating people such as artisansmusicians and conservationists
  • Explore natural wonders such as safari parks, waterfalls, and rainforests
  • All-inclusive pricing covers meals, lodging, expert guides, and excursions – hassle free!
  • Full-service travel support from our U.S.-based headquarters

Hear from Past Travelers

“Traveling abroad with Discover Corps was a life-changing experience. The combination of behind-the-scenes educational travel with expert guides, amazing accommodations and purposeful projects made this a trip to remember. This was better than any tour I’ve ever taken! I’m now hooked on this new way to travel.”

Susan C. – San Diego, CA

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Popular Volunteer Vacation Destinations from our Digital Catalog

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Galapagos: Family Volunteer Vacation

Swim with friendly sea lions, snorkel with sea turtles, watch iguanas bask in the sun and meet wild giant tortoises while helping out at a tortoise reserve.

Costa Rica: The Sea Turtle Conservation

A vacation with purpose that allows you to help endangered sea turtles, visit an animal rescue center, and explore the rainforest by zip line & river raft.

Bhutan: The Hidden Kingdom

Uncover a Shangri-La tucked deep into the Himalayan Mountains. A behind-the-scenes journey that showcases this mystical kingdom.

Alaska: The Great Exploration

Explore the stunning Kenai Peninsula, learn about puffins & venture to a remote scientific field station. Experience a side of Alaska the very few travelers get to see.

Costa Rica: Family Volunteer Adventure

Visit rainforests, pristine beaches, volcanoes, cloud forests, and wildlife rescue centers. A family vacation to Costa Rica that will inspire, delight and make a difference.

Voluntourism: Working with elephants in Thailand

Thailand: The Elephant Experience

Spend your time in the Northern Thailand city of Chiang Mai before heading out to an elephant sanctuary in the hills. Learn from conservationists the efforts being taken in Thailand to move toward the ethical treatment of these animals.

Big 5 animals

South Africa: Wildlife Conservation Experience

Get behind the scenes of the conservation movement in South Africa. Help protect leopards and other endangered species.  You’ll get up close and personal with some of Africa’s most spectacular wildlife.

Japan: Cultural Odyssey

Ride on a rickshaw through bamboo forests, try your hand at calligraphy with a master calligrapher, and see Mt. Fuji and all of the sites in between. Explore Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka.

Australia: Beachside Wildlife Adventure

Lend a hand caring for koalas, kangaroos and wallabies alongside rangers on Australia’s sunny Gold Coast.

Why Discover Corps

Discover Corps offers spontaneous, authentic, small group experiences. We know that the most memorable travel moments don’t happen on a giant tour bus – they come through experiencing a new place through the eyes of those who call it home. Our Vacations with Purpose offer a curated blend of activities that allow you to discover a country through its people.

Small Groups: We prioritize keeping our groups small, with the average group made up of 8 like-minded travelers. This allows us to experience things that big tours of people would never be able to, from visits to the studios of celebrated local artisans, to up-close encounters with exotic wildlife.

Purposeful Projects: Designed by grassroots organizations to connect our travelers to local communities in a meaningful way, each Discover Corps project is an opportunity for you to lend your hand and heart to an important cause. These projects are accessible to people of all ages and abilities. They provide meaning and purpose to your journey.

Unparalleled Access: Our guides aren’t your typical tour guides. They’re local residents who are experts on the area and its customs. Throughout your trip, they’ll share their lives with you, while introducing you to people and taking you to special local places that most travelers would never know existed.

Hands-On Cultural Immersion: Our travelers are immersed in local communities through cultural workshops, insightful sightseeing, and sharing meals with local people. Like to cook? Learn to make tortillas alongside a local artisan. You’ll return home with a feel for what life in the community is really like.

Distinctive Accommodations: Our accommodations come with a wow factor. No chain hotels or tourist traps in sight – just properties selected for their quality, location and charm. These unique living spaces are curated to enhance your overall experience, whether you’re staying at a rustic scientific research station in the heart of a jungle or a luxurious safari camp in a renowned game preserve.

As an added bonus, families of 6 or more qualify for a Group Discount of up to $250 per person.

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