Experience Hawaii

Venture between the islands of Oahu and Maui on this 7 day/6 night adventure. Help to protect sea turtles, snorkel as you scout for dolphins, join a local family for dinner at their village eco-farm, and so much more.

Hawaii Travel with a Meaningful Twist

From towering volcanoes to some of the world’s best beaches, Hawaii is defined by its stunning natural beauty. On these islands, everything is more extreme – the ocean is bluer, the rainforests are greener and the warmth of the locals is exemplified by the Aloha state of mind. But if you dig deeper below the surface, you’ll quickly see that the ancient Hawaiian people have left a legacy of indigenous wisdom and sustainability that can serve as a model for many of today’s pressing issues. From tackling climate change to protecting biodiversity, innovative practices are being pioneered on these remote Pacific Islands.

Over the course of the week, we will venture between the islands of Oahu and Maui and go behind the scenes of several community-led initiatives.

  • Lend a hand on an innovative sea turtle and reef conservation program on the beaches of Maui with local researchers
  • Venture to the majestic Waimea Valley to enjoy dinner with a local family on their eco-farm
  • Venture to Oahu’s iconic North Shore and learn about sustainability through ancient Hawaiian culture
  • Sail along the turquoise waters with the Pacific Whale Foundation for a snorkeling and dolphin watching excursion
  • Hike Diamond Head before descending down for a catamaran ride along iconic Waikiki Beach
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“I chose to travel to Hawaii with Discover Corps because it showed my kids a different side of the islands. I had been here years back with my husband, but can say that this experience showed me another perspective of the islands. Helping to preserve sea turtle habitats on Maui was definitely the highlight since my youngest daughter is in love with sea turtles. We also could not get over how great our Discover Corps guide was along the way in showing us the real Hawaii. If you want to go beyond being just another tourist in Hawaii, do this!!”

Cindy G. - Mohegan Lake, NY


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Why Discover Corps?

Discover Corps vacations with purpose allow families to spend quality time together helping others and also learning more about themselves. Each of our programs has a wide range of activities that are accessible and fun for people of all ages.

Loaded with a wealth of entertaining and educational resources, our staff are experts at creating a comfortable, safe and fun environment.

As an added bonus, families of 6 or more qualify for a Group Discount of up to $300 per person. 

Questions? Ready to book?

Visit here to book your trip now. You can also call/text us at 1-619-758-3030 or schedule a call here for more information. We’re happy to help!

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