Signature Journeys

Truly a new way to travel, our Signature Journeys are purpose-driven vacations that take you to the world's most unique destinations. Behind-the-scenes access to fascinating people and higher-end accommodations make these unforgettable experiences.

Our Signature Journeys

Discover Corps’ Signature Journeys are designed to take you behind-the-scenes to experience a destination on a whole new level. These trips tend to include little to no hands-on volunteer work, but instead focus on high-end cultural immersion and access to unique people and places only Discover Corps can provide. These are intimate, personal journeys that leave a lasting impression on the traveler and communities alike. Each trip features a portfolio of handpicked boutique hotels that are locally-owned and reflect the colors and charm of the destination.

Purpose-Driven Experiences

Each Signature Journey is designed with a specific purpose in mind. Whether it’s exploring wildlife conservation alongside experts in Kenya or uncovering the ancient traditions of the Japanese in Tokyo, there is a layer of meaning and impact attached to each one of these trips. Hands-on volunteering is typically more limited instead focusing on high-end, behind-the-scenes access to interesting people, organizations and groups that make these destinations come to life. These are experiences developed to transform perspectives and create bonds with local communities that outlast the trip itself.

Hand-Selected Boutique Hotels

We scour the globe for the most charming, locally-owned hotels to include in our Signature Journeys. These are hotels that reflect the colors and character of the place. We don’t go for over-the-top luxury, but instead partner with properties that represent our values, are located in unique locales in walking distance to the local sites and often have an interesting story behind them. These hotels are typically in the 4-5 star range and feature a range of amenities from swimming pools to spas (and even private wildlife viewing in certain destinations!). All Cuba trips feature casas particulares, or AirBnB-style homestays, due to our license to visit the island.