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February 1, 2020!

Discover Corps’ prices will increase on February 1, 2020. Register for any trip before midnight on January 31 to lock in 2019 pricing (a savings of up to $300/person). We don’t want you to miss out!

Beat the price increase!

By booking any Discover Corps trip before February 1, 2020 and you will lock in 2019 pricing (a savings of up to $300/person). If you’re nervous about committing early, don’t worry – if you switch trips or your travel dates later on in the year, we will still honor the 2019 price!

We offer multiple trip types in 18 different countries (now including Hawaii!), and each program is as unique as the wildlife, people, and culture it highlights. Explore all of our destinations here. Whether it’s volunteering with the daily chores of an elephant sanctuary, marveling at the incredible Mt. Fuji in Japan, or protecting baby sea turtles in Costa Rica, travel with purpose in 2020.

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Once again, this offer is good until midnight on January 31, 2020. Book using the form on this page or here by the deadline, or just give us a call/text if you have any questions or would prefer to book over the phone: 1-619-758-3030.

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“I loved watching my granddaughter’s eyes light up as she released a baby turtle into its natural habitat. Every time she encountered a new species of animal that she had only previously seen in a zoo, I couldn’t help but smile.  My husband and I also really enjoyed our long walks on the beach.”

Rita Q. - Chicago, IL

Costa Rica: The Sea Turtle Initiative

Why Discover Corps?

Discover Corps offers families and adults purposeful, genuine engagement with communities around the world. We provide unparalleled access to people and projects that foreign visitors don’t usually get to see. Our commitment to sustainable travel practices ensures that your journey improves the lives of the people you meet, and our small group sizes gives you an authentic and meaningful experience.

Loaded with a wealth of entertaining and educational resources, our staff are experts at creating a comfortable, safe and fun environment for our two different trip types: Nature & Wildlife Adventures and Cultural Explorations. As an added bonus, families of 6 or more qualify for a group discount of up to $250 off per person.

Popular Discover Corps Destinations for Families & Adults

volunteer travel costa ricaCosta Rica: The Sea Turtle Initiative

A vacation in Costa Rica that allows you to help endangered sea turtles, visit an animal rescue center, and explore the rainforest by zip line, river raft and horseback.

cr-girl-monkey-90x90Costa Rica: Wildlife Safari

Visit rainforests, pristine beaches, volcanoes, cloud forests, and wildlife rescue centers. Meet two-toed sloths, howler monkeys, jaguars, toucans, and more. Experience the awakening of the forest each morning.

galapagos-babyseal-90x90Galapagos: Family Volunteer Vacation

Although labeled “volunteer,” this trip is packed with wildlife interaction. Swim with friendly sea lions, snorkel with sea turtles, watch iguanas bask in the sun and meet wild giant tortoises up close while helping out at a tortoise reserve.

Voluntourism: Working with elephants in ThailandThailand: Elephants & Islands Expedition

Bathe elephants in the morning and meet their caretakers to learn about the threats elephants face in this region of Thailand. Experience the lush jungle landscape.

Big 5 animalsSouth Africa: Wildlife Conservation Experience

Get behind the scenes of the conservation movement in South Africa. Help protect leopards and other endangered species.  You’ll get up close and personal with some of Africa’s most spectacular wildlife.

belize manatee conservationBelize: Research & Conservation Experience

Travel alongside local conservationists to help protect the endangered West Indian manatee. Along the way, you’ll explore tropical rainforests, pristine beaches and a vibrant fun-loving culture.

Oaxaca: Women & Girls’ Empowerment 

In addition to the world-class food of Oaxaca City, spend time with the Zapotec community deep in the hills. Participate in dyeing and weaving workshops, cooking classes, chocolate making classes, alebrije art painting, and more. Dive deep into the culture with a nonprofit that provides micro-finance loans for the women as you learn more about their businesses.

Kenya: Safari & Conservation

Few trips to Kenya will bring you this close to its spectacular wildlife. Over 10 days you’ll roam some of the country’s most enchanting landscapes and meet its most famous animals. In turn, you’ll be assisting local conservation efforts in monitoring and protecting these invaluable, exquisite creatures.

Check Out Discover Corps’ Newest Trip!

Hawaii: Ocean & Islands Adventure

Visit Oahu and Maui and go behind-the-scenes with conservationists on both land and sea. Lend a hand collecting data on a sea turtles and coral, experience a snorkeling excursion wiyh the Pacific Whale Foundation, volunteer at a local family eco-farm, and more!

For a list of all Discover Corps trips and dates, visit here.

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