Tips for Families Traveling to the Galapagos

family travel galapagos

Family travel means good times, great company, and memories to last a lifetime. However, family Galapagos travel can be even more memorable! There are advantages for families island hopping around the Galapagos, rather than being trapped on a cruise or on the beach for an entire week.

Read on to learn how our Galapagos Family Vacation is uniquely designed for families, with itineraries that keep the kids thrilled and the parents happy/less stressed/enjoying the trip and the family time.

What’s the difference between our Galapagos Family Volunteer Vacation and, say, visiting the Galapagos by yacht? Glad you asked.  Our trip is built with family in mind. Rather than being trapped on a boat for five days or longer (and getting stir crazy!), you’re free to move about the hotel, pools, beaches, and islands.

Additional advantages when it comes to family travel include:

  • Coming and going as you please
  • Getting off the beaten path at your leisure,
  • Family friendly itineraries, and
  • Interactions with animals, nature, and culture that will amaze the entire family

family travel galapagos

Island hopping will soon be your favorite family memory!


Traveling with your family sometimes means being tied down – you all have to be at the same places (at the same times), with little regard for what each member of your party may be interested in.

This is particularly true when traveling with children. The Galapagos Family Vacation is built to be hotel-based so your kids have the freedom to be kids on vacation – running around, hopping into the pool, or grabbing some ice cream can happen any time. Later on, the whole family can go out for dinner, or simply unwind together after an exciting day. Flexibility is your friend when you’re at the hotel with your family, rather than being stuck on a yacht 24 hours a day.

Here, you’ll spend time exploring the colonial city of Quito. You’ll have two mornings to volunteer at a nature reserve that is breeding giant tortoises.

family travel galapagos

After that, the possibilities are endless!

Go ahead – leave your hotel, take a tour, go hiking or kayaking, or slow down to soak up the sun on the beach. This family volunteer vacation won’t have you stuck on a cruise ship for 20 hours each day, no, it’ll have you immersed in the Galapagos!

family travel galapagos


Since you’re not stuck doing “only” what is offered by your hotel (or cruise ship excursions), you have the opportunity to kick your family Galapagos trip up a notch. EscapeHere agrees: Seeing the sights here includes many “must see” options.

Add these possibilities to your agenda:

  • Hiking through hardened lava tubes (underwater!)
  • Kayaking out to explore incredible aquatic treasures and marine life
  • Snorkeling with families of friendly sea lions
  • Unwinding on the beach

family travel galapagos

Fun fact: This island chain is 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, and happens to be the second largest marine reserve in the world. Exploring the natural surrounds is one of the best ways to spend time on your trip – many call the Galapagos the greatest destination on the planet for nature travelers!

family travel galapagos

Bonus: The Galapagos Islands are also a UNESCO World Heritage Site!


You’re not visiting Disney. You’re looking for a more immersive, educational experience. How does a Galapagos Family Volunteer Vacation fit the bill?

When you and your children are volunteering at the nature reserve breeding tortoises, you’ll be both doing social good and allowing your kids to learn firsthand how important nature is.

family travel galapagos

During your time volunteering, you’ll help out by removing invasive plant species and planting native bushes and grasses that tortoises eat. Getting up close and personal with these incredible animals will be both educational and a nostalgic throwback in the making.

When you’re exploring all incredible species that call Galapagos “home,” you’ll be living a class in wildlife conservation.


There is so much to see here; so much to do – but  the kids might not always want to do the same things the adults do.

To give your kids time to be kids (and time for the adults to unwind a bit by themselves!), our Galapagos Family Volunteer Vacation is based at hotels with pools and kid-friendly itineraries.

Here’s how it works:

  • Our maximum group size is 16 people, to ensure you have intimate encounters with wildlife.
  • The volunteer vacation focuses on interactive and educational wildlife experiences.
  • Schedules are family friendly and include time for family bonding.
  • You’re not on your own. Discover Corps hosts are a large part of ensuring your family trip goes off without a hitch.

For additional tips on making family travel even easier, check out our Guide to Multigenerational Travel.

When your family travels to the Galapagos, will be your #1 must-see sight? Tell us in the comments below!


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