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Four Top Tips for 2023 Holiday Airport Travel

We all know that airports are notorious for being busy during the holidays. Last year, more than 2 million people in the United States went through TSA each day of the holiday season, up from the average of 1.6 million people. Airport counters filled with people and TSA lines out the door, not to mention … Continued

Global Travel Update: Summer 2022

Thailand becoming the #1 destination for travel in 2022 with loosening restrictions? Costa Rica swinging the doors open with no required testing? This article will update you on all the latest info for this summer’s top travel destinations. With highlights from Mexico, the Galapagos and South Africa, we’ll give you all the info you need … Continued

Sneak Peak: Baja – Marine Wildlife Adventure

Take a sneak peek at our newest trip, launching in November 2022, before it’s released to the public! Baja: Marine Wildlife Adventure is an incredible 6 day journey to La Paz & Todos Santos, Mexico. Explore the southern Baja peninsula, which is home to 39% of the world’s marine mammals, as well as swim with … Continued

Thailand: The Top Place to Travel in 2022

Thailand is unrivaled in its beauty, with golden temples, gorgeous beaches and age-old traditions. Come explore the crystal clear waters between islands as you care for elephants alongside their caretakers. Below we’ve outline all the travel opportunities for Thailand with Discover Corps. With all travel restrictions dropping on May 1st, 2022, Thailand is the perfect … Continued

Travel Guide for Summer 2022

The cold weather is finally starting to break and the feeling of summer is in the air! But where should you go and what should you do? Discover Corps has created a very helpful travel guide for all our trips this summer. Check out some of the highlighted programs below!

Travel Regulations for the Year 2022

2022 is finally here! And that means a whole new year of international travel as borders open up. Though COVID-19 is getting more manageable and we can (hopefully) see the end at this point, travel restrictions are still changing constantly. Check out this blog post which will give you all the info you need for … Continued

A Taste of Mexico: Grassroots Travel

A few weeks ago, we had a wonderful family trip on a grassroots expedition to Oaxaca, Mexico. Immersed in the culture, food, and world of Mexico, they were able to experience the country as a native in the heart of Mexican Zapotec culture. This incredible trip is documented in the photos below. Enjoy!

Explore the Nile with DC Travelers

Traveling to a country like Egypt is difficult to wrap your head around. With the deep historical significance and culture, it can be easy to miss out on experiences when just traveling on your own. Earlier this November, we had a fantastic group travel to Egypt with our expert guide Ramadan. They were able to … Continued

Through the Lens: Family Travel

Traveling with your children opens up a shared experience that is difficult to replicate. Travel has a certain power that, when harnessed in the right way, can have a truly substantial impact on children and parents alike. There is also a certain lens that one adopts through these experiences that make you more grateful, aware … Continued