Custom and Private Group Travel

A private or customized journey tailor-made for your group. If you’re organizing a group of six or more, then we’ve got some great options to help you get your entire group on its way — stress free!

We Make Your Dream a Reality

Whether you want to take a group of colleagues, family members, students, or friends on an unforgettable experience, we can make it happen. We operate group trips for many organizations each year, and are excited to make this a reality for your group.

Student and Faculty-Led Groups

We’ve organized hundreds of service-learning programs for every type of academic group, from high school groups to university clubs to professional student associations and fraternities and sororities.

Corporate Volunteering Abroad 

We partner with a wide variety of companies to develop incredible international volunteer programs for teams of employees. 

Family Reunions and Friends

This is one of our most popular group-types we see at Discover Corps. If you’re considering getting your family together or traveling with another family (remember, you only need 6 in your group!), we would love to work with you in creating custom activities for any itinerary and/or adding a custom departure date.

Get more information on group volunteer trips with Discover Corps by emailing our Travel Specialist Angela at or calling us at 619-758-3030.