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Family Volunteer Vacations Give your family the experience of a lifetime

Some of the best childhood memories spring from meaningful family vacations. What could be more meaningful than a volunteer vacation that allows you to pass on your values of service and global citizenship to your loved ones?

Meaningful Travel for the Whole Family

We encourage travelers of all ages to join, so our staff will offer special activities that allow younger travelers to connect with the youth of the destination country. Best of all, families of six or more who join an existing trip qualify for our group discount. These programs are open to families, couples, and single people because they occur during times when many children are on vacation from school. Children are expected to participate in all regularly scheduled activities.


Priceless Family Memories

Discover Corps family Vacations with Purpose allow families to spend quality time together – both helping others and learning more about themselves. Whether it’s a wildlife conservation project, working with children in schools, or learning about the history of an ancient city, purposeful projects can bring out the best in a family by unifying them around a common goal. Each of our programs has a wide range of activities that are accessible and fun for people of all ages.

Loaded with a wealth of entertaining and educational resources, our staff are experts at creating a comfortable, safe, and fun environment. Families of six or more also qualify for our Group Discount.

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Educational Value

Let your children or grandchildren discover the world in a way that never would be possible from the confines of a classroom. It’s easy to make a Discover Corps trip into an adventure with tremendous educational value. Have your children research each country to determine the right destination for your family. Once you’ve chosen your country, have them learn about its history and culture. While you’re on the trip, get them journals and help them write each day, and also make sure they take their own photos. Upon returning home, your children can combine the research they’ve done with their stories and photos to create a book or presentation to share at school, church, or their favorite club.

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Trips with Family Friendly Dates

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