Grassroots Expeditions

This is our portfolio of trips featuring hands-on volunteer projects, no-frills lodging and deep cultural immersion. Lend a hand on a range of community-led projects ranging from wildlife conservation to education while discovering each destination's must-see sites.

Our Grassroots Expeditions

Discover Corps’ Grassroots Expeditions are boots-on-the-ground trips developed around specific projects and communities. These itineraries typically include more extensive volunteering which often includes projects that we’ve been involved with for years and even decades. They are also designed to take you a step beyond the typical trip and connect you with fascinating solutions to some of the world’s most important issues. The experience is balanced with immersive cultural activities and visits to some of the destination’s must-see places. Our grassroots lodges tend to consist of 3-star locally-owned hotels putting you at the center of the communities we serve.

Volunteer Vacations

On each Grassroots Expedition, a designated volunteer project is woven into the itinerary to add further depth to the experience and connect you with interesting organizations making positive change. Like links in the chain of development, each group contributes to growing the impact of these partner organizations in the communities they serve. Whether it’s setting out on an evening beach patrol to count nesting turtles in Costa Rica or engaging in English lessons at a village school in Tanzania, our travelers are transformed into friends and advocates of a country. Each trip differs in the amount of volunteering and workshops offered, so be sure to look at the “Volunteer Time” tab on each Grassroots Expedition itinerary to get a full picture of what your purposeful project looks like.

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Comfortable Local Lodges

While your days are spent exploring the country and lending a hand in partner communities, each night you’ll return to a comfortable locally-owned lodge. Most of the properties we use on our Grassroots Expeditions are in the 3-star range with all of the amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. As these are locally-owned and operated, you’ll get the additional benefit of local immersion and supporting the community. From a century-old hacienda in the mountains of Peru to a beachfront wellness lodge in Costa Rica, we pride ourselves in providing you with properties that have character and charm.