Unique Destinations

Discover Corps prides itself on taking you to some of the furthest and most unique corners that this world has to offer. Whether it’s to villages tucked into Bhutan’s Himalayan Mountains, the famed wildlife reserves of Kenya and South Africa, or the remote Galapagos Islands, we’ve developed a decades-worth of connections that gives you unparalleled access to the world’s most interesting places. This is also where the best travel stories come from – everyday interactions with the people and projects that you interact with along the way. If you are a curious traveler looking to go beyond the beaten path of most tourists, you’ve found your place.

Immersive Small Group Experiences

Our trips are designed to only cater to small-groups. Most trips never exceed 12 people and average around 6-8 likeminded travelers. This is because the best types of experiences happen in intimate settings that connect you with the destination and its people. Also, as our trips provide you with access to unique projects and cultural sites, small groups are the only way to sustainably partner with communities around the world. When you travel with Discover Corps, rest assured that your small group of likeminded world travelers will experience a safe, close-knit experience in some of the world’s most unique destinations.

Distinctive 4-5 Star Lodging

Far from the tourists, this is a living space reserved for you. We hand-select the portfolios of accommodations for each one of trips. On Signature Journeys, enjoy higher-end boutique hotels that reflect the colors, charm and character of the place.  Whether it’s a 5-star luxury tented camp with views of the wildlife in Kenya’s Maasai Mara or an island resort nestled on the white sand beaches of Koh Phi Phi Island, these are a mixture of unique, locally-owned properties. On our Grassroots Expeditions and most Cuba trips, stay in more basic lodging which includes a mixture of small, local 3-star hotels, casas particulares (in Cuba) and rustic lodges in the communities.

Each distinctive accommodation provides a warm place to unwind from the day’s activities and fosters genuine connections with fellow travelers and the local community.

Positive Local Impact

Every Discover Corps itinerary is designed around a unique purpose that connects travelers to local communities in a meaningful way, and gives a deeper understanding of a unique and extraordinary part of the world. These projects range anywhere from a two-hour walk with conservationists collecting data in Kenya, to more involved projects like a 3-day experience caring for elephants in a small village community in Northern Thailand. Regardless of the focus, all of our trips will impact not only the communities we visit, but you and your family in a positive way.

Handpicked Expert Guides

Our guides aren’t your typical tour guides. They’re local residents who are experts on the area and its customs. Throughout your trip, they’ll share their lives with you, while introducing you to people and taking you to special local places that most travelers would never know existed. We also prioritize keeping our groups small, with the average group made up of about 6-8 like-minded travelers. This allows us to experience things that big tours of people would never be able to, from visits to the studios of celebrated local artisans, to up-close encounters with exotic wildlife.

Family-Friendly Pricing

When you travel with Discover Corps, we ensure that families have access to the experiences we offer with reduced children’s pricing on all trips for those 16 and younger. Additionally, our pricing is inclusive of all transportation, accommodations, activities, and most meals. There are no extra fees or hidden charges – just peace of mind.

From the moment you register with Discover Corps, we are happily at your side to provide full support and service as you prepare to travel. We allow you to book your own flight so you can find the best rate or use frequent flyer miles. Our US-based staff can also guide you through the process of obtaining your passport and visa, if required, and we’ll give you access to our online travel portal that contains packing lists, recommended reading, and information about electrical outlets, cell phones, and much more.