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Impactful Projects

We collaborate with local community-based organizations to create hands-on projects and activities that impact the local people and wildlife in an authentic and inspiring way. Each trip differs in the amount of volunteering and workshops offered, so be sure to look at the “Volunteer Time” tab on each trip page in our catalog to get a full picture of what your purposeful project looks like.

Every Discover Corps itinerary is designed around a unique purpose that connects travelers to local communities in a meaningful way, and gives a deeper understanding of a unique and extraordinary part of the world. These projects range anywhere from a two-hour walk with conservationists collecting data in Kenya, to 16 hours volunteering building bottle homes in the Dominican Republic.

The type of volunteering will depend on the type of trip:

  • Nature & Wildlife Adventures. Join conservationists and researchers working to protect some of earth’s most beautiful and endangered species. Go behind the scenes and learn firsthand about their efforts. Whether releasing baby sea turtles into the ocean in Costa Rica or bathing elephants in their natural habitat in Thailand, you’ll experience intimate encounters with animals that you will never forget.
  • Cultural Explorations. More than a vacation, these creatively-curated journeys embrace the customs and culture of vibrant communities located in some of the world’s most compelling regions. We partner with local nonprofits and families for purposeful projects, including volunteering at a local arts center for children in Cuba, a dyeing workshop with the women of Oaxaca, and more around the world.

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Sustainable Travel

Travel has the potential to make the world a better place. For travelers, connecting with people of another culture is a powerful way to remind us of our shared humanity while breaking down stereotypes and preconceived ideas.

The power of travel can also benefit communities if managed responsibly. The unique Discover Corps model of travel springs from our personal commitment to preserving the character of a place: its culture, environment, heritage, and the well-being of its residents. We take pride in the fact that we create well-paying jobs for our staff, infuse money into community-based groups, invest resources into meaningful volunteer and wildlife projects, and honor the diversity of a place with our thought-provoking and flexible itineraries.

Read About Our Sustainability Practices

Sustainable Travel Sustainable Travel Sustainable Travel

All Encompassing

All-Inclusive Pricing

When you travel with Discover Corps, all transportation, accommodations, activities, and most meals are included, and all are handled by your Discover Corps guide. There are no extra fees or hidden charges – just peace of mind.

From the moment you register with Discover Corps, we are happily at your side to provide full support and service as you prepare to travel. We allow you to book your own flight so you can find the best rate or use frequent flyer miles. Our US-based staff can also guide you through the process of obtaining your passport and visa, if required, and we’ll give you access to our online travel portal that contains packing lists, recommended reading, and information about electrical outlets, cell phones, and much more.

All Encompassing All Encompassing All Encompassing

Turnkey Customer Service

Nature & Wildlife Adventures and Cultural Explorations can be the experience of a lifetime. How you spend your time discovering another country should be one of authenticity, immersion, and exploration. Though Discover Corps allows you to choose where, you can leave the how to us.

From the moment you register with Discover Corps, our US-based team of Travel Specialists are happily at your side to provide full support and service as you prepare to travel. Besides our staff members, you will also have access to our online travel portal that contains packing lists, recommended reading, and information about tax deductibility of volunteer vacations, electrical outlets, cell phones, and much more.

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Distinctive Accommodations

Distinctive Accommodations Distinctive Accommodations

Far from the tourists, this is a living space reserved for you. Simple, unencumbered, and comfortable accommodations cater to an active itinerary and those of all ages. These quaint properties are carefully selected for quality, location, and charm. Each distinctive accommodation provides a warm place to unwind from the day’s activities and foster genuine connections with fellow travelers and the local community.

During these journeys, stay at beautiful eco-friendly properties nestled in areas with rich biodiversity, or immerse yourself in the unique cultural heritage of a region by spending time with the ones who call it home.

Travelers may choose from Double or Single Occupancy rooms.

  • Double Occupancy: Accommodate two people per room with two adjacent twin beds. Most rooms have private, en-suite bathrooms, but this varies by country.
  • Single Occupancy: As an accommodation for one, this room has a twin size bed and an en-suite bathroom. We make it easy and affordable to travel alone. Read more about our benefits for single travelers.

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