Author: Amanda DiSilvestro

Tips to Overcoming Language Barriers while Traveling

It happens pretty often – people who do not speak foreign languages avoid traveling to non-English speaking countries, or they think the language barriers aren’t worth overcoming for a one or two week vacation. Whatever the reasoning for this trend, the truth is that if you want to immerse yourself in new cultures, nothing should … Continued

Legal Travel to Cuba Despite New Restrictions

As the travel industry scrambles to digest the latest travel restrictions to Cuba, Discover Corps trips continue to remain a legal option because of its unique focus on supporting the Cuban people. On June 4, 2019 the Treasury Department released their updated policy with regards to travel in Cuba. Here is what you need to … Continued

What Does it Mean to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Travelers, adventurers, and tourists alike have all heard of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They’re usually considered gorgeous “must-visit” places, especially if you are looking to get to know a different country. But what is a UNESCO world heritage site, really? How do they earn that status, and why should they be protected? Believe it … Continued

[PRESS RELEASE] Despite Political Uncertainty, Discover Corps Launches New Cuba Trip for Families

Contact: Amanda DiSilvestro (619) 758-3030 For Immediate Release: Despite Political Uncertainty, Discover Corps Launches New Cuba Trip for Families – Founder cites mission to promote cross cultural understanding amongst all generations as reason for launching new family-friendly tour to Cuba- – Free roundtrip flights to Havana now offered for a limited time to celebrate the … Continued