Interview from Tanzania: Discover Corps Guide Esther “Mama” Simba

Esther Simba, or “Mama Simba” as she is called in her village, is someone full of life who you don’t soon forget. With an infectious personality, she has a passion for connecting different cultures as a way of improving our world. On Discover Corps’ Tanzania: Safari & Service trip, you’re welcomed into the Chagga tribe, just outside the town of Moshi, where as Mama Simba says “you’ll find the most kind loving and caring people.”

The friendships that we create, there are people who will never forget their time here because it arises something in ourselves that is different than in other people.” – Esther “Mama” Simba

Discover Corps’ relationship with Esther began over ten years ago when Discover Corps’ Founder Andrew Motiwalla got to know Esther. Although she declined the idea of hosting travelers at first, a chance meeting in Stone Town on Zanzibar Island just a few weeks later was enough to spark a friendship and one of Discover Corps’ longest partnerships abroad to date.

So what is the trip really like? Watch the video below and get to know Esther, and write any questions in the comments!

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