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5 Reasons Organized Tours Are Perfect for Multi-Generational Family Vacations

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Is your family itching to pack their suitcases and beeline to the airport? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Family travel is taking off globally and this trend is only expected to increase.

According to GlobalData, family travel is expected to rise by nearly 25% to 376 million trips annually by 2022. This rapid growth includes a rise in multi-generational family vacations, which presents an important question to consider – What’s the best way for my entire family to travel?

Countless options are available, but organized tours may offer the best opportunity for your family to share a more meaningful overall experience. Here’s 5 reasons organized tours are perfect for multi-generational family vacations:

1. Carefully selected safe and comfortable environments

Safety first! It’s a simple and timeless phrase, but your family’s vacation should begin and end with this principle. When traveling abroad to a new country, it’s extremely important to have a feel for what to expect in your new environment. Tapping into the knowledge of an experienced travel company can make all the difference. Traveling this way ensures your vacation is full of welcoming locals and locales.

Extra Note: Selecting a family-friendly company for your tour is also crucial to remember.  It’s difficult to create itineraries with the right amount of free time, activities, and variety that a multi-generational vacation needs, and unfortunately, this isn’t something all tour companies have made a priority. In fact, it’s easy to fall into the 20-something backpacking crowd if you’re not careful when booking organized travel (request a catalog from Discover Corps to learn more about how we prioritize comfort and safety for the multi-generational family vacation).

The view from the room on Discover Corps’ Croatia: Dolphins & Islands Expedition.

2. Stress-reducing plans

Oftentimes half the battle while on vacation is deciding what to do. Getting a half dozen or so family members on the same page can leave anyone exhausted. Fortunately, your multi-generational family vacation can bypass this common pitfall by choosing to vacation with an organized tour.

Having your family activities pre-planned months before your flight may not sound like a big perk, but leaving the plans to someone else frees you up to relax, connect and make memories together. Let a seasoned travel company take care of logistics, transportation and finding the best local cuisine.

3. Flexible options for every family member (of any age)

Today, more than ever, travelers have unique needs. As any parent will attest, finding activities the whole family will enjoy is no easy task. Conveniently, organized tours offer the great benefit of thoroughly vetted, yet still authentic experiences. Whether it’s rafting in Costa Rica or being on safari in Kenya these vacations offer something for everyone. Having this flexibility is key.

A perfect example is this Family Volunteer Adventure in Costa Rica. Here, families have the option of an exciting morning on the rapids of the Rio Savegre or exploring the world-famous Manuel Antonio National Park to encounter monkeys, sloths and more. This means mom can take on the white-knuckle river ride with the kids, while dad joins the grandparents on the tropical tour!

Discover Corps guide Esther “Mama” Simba on our Tanzania: Safari & Service adventure.

4. Expert local guides

Esther “Mama” Simba, Discover Corps guide on our Tanzania: Safari & Service trip.

How great is the feeling of immediately belonging to a community? With the right organized tour, a guide is your ticket to people and sights that could never be experienced if traveling otherwise. Esther Simba “Mama Simba”, a local guide for Discover Corps in Tanzania, says it best when sharing about the experience you’ll have on her tour. ”…some of the travelers that joined [the tour] have never been in a  village setting. You’ll find the most kind, loving and caring people in Tanzania.” You can check out her full video here.

Many times it takes a few days to feel connected in a new location, but with a guide from the community, you’re instantly immersed in a rich new culture. Suddenly, your family goes from talking about the activities they witnessed to describing the adventure the entire group experienced.


5. Connect with like-minded families

The Discover Corps group on our Belize: Wildlife Volunteer Adventure trip!

In one form or the other, we all seek connection while traveling. This can mean connecting with a place, a people group, or even a certain delicious food. One frequently overlooked benefit of organized tours, however, are the connections made with other families on your same tour. These relationships are formed through exciting shared experiences and last far beyond the end of your family vacation.  

Organized tours present an excellent chance for families to come together. It’s a special sight when your 10-year-old is playing at the beach with other kids their age, your teenager is sharing her love of dolphins with new friends, and you and your parents can enjoy a nice drink with a couple that sees the world in much the same way as you.

Discover Corps fosters this type of environment with small family-friendly groups. A 16-person maximum means you can enjoy your trip in the company of others, but also sneak away for some alone time when needed. Along with several exotic souvenirs, you may head home with some new family friends.

Discover Corps Trips Great for Multi-Generational Family Vacations



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Baby Boomers Travel More Than Ever Before

Posted by on June 8, 2017 · 1 Comment  

Baby Boomer travel continues to rise! World Economic Forum said it best: “Forget millennial backpackers – globetrotting Baby Boomers are transforming travel.” This actually comes as no surprise, with industry research finding Baby Boomers spend a whopping $157 billion on trips every year.

Since the Baby Boomer generation is so large, their impact on the travel industry doesn’t go unnoticed. A slice of the population that sizable having the time and money to spend means great things for global tourism.

But why? What caused the uptick in Baby Boomer travel? Many contributing factors – including having more free time during retirement, ease of travel and planning as technology continues to improve, and having money to spend – have ushered in a new wave of older travelers.

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Why the Baby Boomer Generation Should Take Volunteer Vacations

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With more and more of the Baby Boomer generation transitioning into part-time work or retirement, there are increasing opportunities for them to participate in one of their generation’s prized experiences– traveling!

According to recent AARP data, a whopping 99% of Baby Boomers planned to travel in 2016, on vacations ranging from domestic weekend getaways to full international trips. But with our world’s rapidly-changing travel landscape, Boomers have a tough decision when it comes to deciding how, and where, to spend their travel time.

Our suggestion on a place to start? A volunteer vacation! Most Baby Boomers want to continue contributing to society in a meaningful way as they exit the traditional workforce, and volunteering is an excellent way to stay involved and make a difference. So why not blend volunteering seamlessly with exciting travel destinations and adventures along the way?

Here’s our Top 5 reasons why the Baby Boomer generation should take volunteer vacations…

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Why Baby Boomer Travel is Important: 11 Experts Weigh in

Posted by on July 5, 2016 · 1 Comment  

Baby Boomer Travel has been increasingly on the rise over the past decade.


Whether it’s empty nesters getting their first taste of post-parenting freedom, retirees finally putting their nest egg to good use, or 50- and 60-somethings enjoying the luxuries that come with success, more Boomers travel abroad than ever before. And the travel industry has taken notice, offering a diverse array of trips targeting the mature audience.


But why is Boomer Travel important– not just for the economy, but for the travelers themselves? We consulted some of the world’s leading Boomer Travel Bloggers to get their insights on the benefits they’ve seen from their adventures. Their answers covered everything from health benefits and embracing independence to meeting new people and reconnecting as a couple.

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Benefits of Traveling: 5 Ways Travel Keeps You Young

Posted by on March 28, 2016 · 7 Comments  

You don’t have to be a twenty or thirty-something to pack your bag and hit the road. Travel can make us feel young again at any age.

In the classic Pixar movie Up, Carl Fredricksen is a 78-year-old widower who has always dreamed of traveling to Paradise Falls in South America. After Carl’s wife dies unexpectedly and he faces the possibility of moving into a nursing home, he ties thousands of balloons to his house and floats off to explore the destination of his dreams.

Up might be a fictional cartoon, but its core message is very real.  It’s important to embrace life while you still can and do those things you’ve always wanted to do. With the right attitude and a bit of gumption, age can’t hold us back.

Luckily for you, a thousand balloons aren’t necessary. There are plenty of convenient ways to fulfill your bucket list adventures, see the world, and feel younger while doing it.

Here are five ways that travel can make us feel young again…

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Changing a Skeptic’s View of Volunteer Vacations

Posted by on October 5, 2015 · 1 Comment  

When Discover Corps founder Andrew Motiwalla invited me to experience one of his volunteer vacations to Cuba, I was initially very skeptical.

As a well-known travel blogger, I have long been an active voice in routing out corrupt volunteer tourism operations that rake in huge amounts of cash without contributing a penny to the people they claim to be helping. Even well-meaning volunteer programs often unknowingly pursue activities that do more harm than good.

So I wrote back, explaining my skepticism about the concept of volunteer tourism, and asked him to answer some very pointed questions before I could even consider taking one of his trips. Frankly, I expected him to balk, so I was genuinely pleased by Andrew’s thoughtful and detailed answers.

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Meet Barbara: An Inspiring Blogger Who Traveled to Cuba With Us

Posted by on June 11, 2015 · 6 Comments  

In our bi-monthly profile series, we’ve introduced you to our founder, members of our international staff, and cool grassroots projects. This week, we’re excited to introduce you to someone who is not technically part of the Discover Corps family, but who we’re now proud to call one of our own.

Her name is Barbara Weibel, and she’s the mind behind the popular travel blog Hole in the Donut.Read More




Are You Too Old For a Volunteer Vacation?

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It’s true. Americans are traveling more than ever — and the U.S. Travel Association reveals some interesting facts on who exactly is traveling the most.

“Mature travelers comprise 36 percent of leisure travel volume (18% are 65+, 18% are 55-64). Nearly two in ten (19%) are 45-55, 17% are 35-44, 20% are 25-34 and 8% are 18-24 years old,” cites the Domestic Travel Report — a study funded by the association.

This may seem surprising, but to us, it isn’t. In fact, the average age of Discover Corps travelers is 50, with 69% of our travelers over the age of 40. That’s because mature travelers often long for the type of meaningful and culture-filled travel we offer.

If you are a baby boomer who’s been considering this type of travel, you might have one big question: Am I too old for a volunteer vacation? Read More




The 29 Best Baby Boomer Travel Blogs for 2015

Posted by on January 21, 2015 · 60 Comments  

There are all sorts of travel blogs out there — from adventure to backpacker to family — but what about baby boomer travel blogs? Though they’re a little bit harder to find, they do exist — and they ROCK.

At Discover Corps, 75% of our travelers are over the age of 50. To put it simply: baby boomers love traveling, and we love having them along on our volunteer vacations.

So we decided to round up the 29 best baby boomer travel blogs you should be following in 2015. We’re sure they’ll entertain, educate, and inspire you in the year to come.Read More