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How Volunteering Abroad Can Empower Women

Woohoo! International Women’s Day is next Sunday, March 8th. The majority of our volunteer travelers are women, and we also make every effort to hire women abroad. Case in point: our lovely cooks in the Dominican Republic, whom you got to meet a few months ago. In other words, we support women all the way! And we truly believe that … Continued

4 Signs of Impending Change in Cuba

In 1996, a Gallup poll revealed  that only 10 percent of Americans had a favorable view of Cuba. Fast forward almost 20 years, and the same poll shows that 46 percent now have a positive view of the island. In addition to this change in public opinion, very concrete shifts are occurring between the two countries. Here are four … Continued

5 Peace Corps Alumni Who Have Changed the World

Next Sunday isn’t just any old day. That’s because it marks 54 years of the Peace Corps, an organization that’s particularly meaningful to us here at Discover Corps. Not only are we proudly affiliated with the National Peace Corps Association — our founder Andrew discovered his passion for travel and service as a Peace Corps volunteer. Simply put: Without … Continued

How to Volunteer at an Orphanage Responsibly

Volunteering at orphanages abroad has generated polarizing opinions — from a positive first person account of life as an orphan poignantly written by Wycliffe Sande — to warnings on the damage that orphanage tourism can inflict on children residing at these facilities. Sande’s essay about growing up on the streets of Uganda breaks your heart — … Continued

The True Cost of Cuba

Have you been surprised by the cost of trips to Cuba? If so, you’re not alone. While many are excited at the prospect of traveling to Cuba, many are also taken aback when they realize how expensive it really is. And often, their first question is “Why?” In this post, we’ll explore what’s happening behind-the-scenes … Continued

Are You Too Old For a Volunteer Vacation?

It’s true. Americans are traveling more than ever — and the U.S. Travel Association reveals some interesting facts on who exactly is traveling the most. “Mature travelers comprise 36 percent of leisure travel volume (18% are 65+, 18% are 55-64). Nearly two in ten (19%) are 45-55, 17% are 35-44, 20% are 25-34 and 8% … Continued

A Vivid Illustration of a Typical Day on a Volunteer Vacation

Do you dream of volunteering abroad, helping to enrich the lives of others while also enriching your own? If so, you may wonder what you’d actually be doing all day. Sure, the idea sounds lovely — but what would you be seeing, thinking, and feeling? Though everybody’s experience is different, we’d like to help you … Continued

Are Volunteer Vacations Sustainable?

Volunteer vacations are becoming more popular as people realize that — now more than ever — we live in an interconnected world. And it’s clear we can learn from each other culturally and create lasting relationships through volunteering abroad. But how sustainable are volunteer vacations? Do these types of trips help the planet — or hurt it? When done … Continued

What’s the Point of Volunteering Abroad?

A few weeks ago, we received an interesting comment on our post “Do Volunteer Vacations Do More Harm Than Good?” The commenter noted: “You don’t address the issue of money spent making the trip as opposed to simply donating money to an indigenous charity working directly with the people.” And it’s a great point. Many … Continued