Wildlife Conservation in the Age of a Global Pandemic

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It may come as no surprise that tourism and wildlife conservation are inherently intertwined. When approached correctly, sustainable tourism practices can be a catalyst for protecting some of Earth’s most treasured creatures. Examples of this can be plucked from just about every country that boasts a high density of wildlife both on land and below the sea. In fact, through the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the global community has agreed to implement practices that help protect the most vulnerable wildlife and ensure biodiversity continues for generations to come.

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The Discover Corps Take: The Future of Travel

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The pandemic has taken a toll on our collective global society from all perspectives. As we continue to assess the damage and chart a way forward, we at Discover Corps have spent hours on Zoom calls, like many of you, musing on what comes next. We consider ourselves eternal optimists and have really started to focus on one silver lining, how can we use this moment as an opportunity? An opportunity to re-invent the way we explore our world and fundamentally shift travel from a wholly consumptive experience to something that strengthens our shared humanity.

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[WEBINAR] Sunset Happy Hour Featuring Mexico!

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Episode #3 Featuring our partner in Oaxaca, Mexico, Rodolfo

This webinar launches a series where we speak with our guides in-country, in a relaxed environment, to discuss more about how their country is handling the pandemic specifically, and what this has meant for local businesses.

The purpose of this webinar is not to sell you future travel, but simply connect you with those around the world with a different story to tell and a different perspective on what COVID may mean for future travel in the country.

In case you missed it or would like to share with a friend, watch the recording below: