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5 Ways to Experience Cuba

Cuba vacation. Yeah, we said it. Vacation. Vacationing in Cuba is possible now! There are some restrictions, but they’re all met by Discover Corps tours. Once you decide a Cuba vacation is in your future, the ways in which you can experience the country are endless. Our five suggestions: A weekend getaway in Havana, a … Continued

Why Costa Rica is Perfect For Your Next Family Vacation

Costa Rica vacations are great for more than simple thrill seekers. A Costa Rica family vacation can be jam packed with great experiences, memories to last a lifetime, ease of planning, cost savings, and a world of adventure without actually traveling to the other side of the world!

Tips for Families Traveling to the Galapagos

Family travel means good times, great company, and memories to last a lifetime. However, family Galapagos travel can be even more memorable! There are advantages for families island hopping around the Galapagos, rather than being trapped on a cruise or on the beach for an entire week. Read on to learn how our Galapagos Family … Continued

A Guide to Multigenerational Travel

“Multigenerational volunteer travel” isn’t something you’ve considered? It should be. As Covington Travel points out, multi-gen travel is simply “traveling as a group with three or more generations, but grandparents traveling with grandkids count as well.”

Why Mass Tourism and Volunteer Travel Don’t Mix

Last year, Carnival Corporation announced their newest cruise venture, Fathom. This voluntourism-focused brand promised cruise-goers a chance to “do good” in the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Their commitment to projects that, in their words, “contribute to local economic development, education and environmental initiatives” seemed well-intentioned. But at Discover Corps, we are experts in sustainable, culturally sensitive short-term … Continued

How to Choose Ethical Volunteer Organizations

A few decades ago, there were only a couple of options available if you wanted to volunteer internationally: Join the Peace Corps (a lengthy commitment) or take a mission trip with a religious group. The lack of volunteer organizations to choose from ultimately kept most people from volunteering abroad. These days it’s much easier to find volunteer organizations that … Continued

Travel with the National Peace Corps Association

John F. Kennedy started the Peace Corps in 1961, marking one of his first actions as President of the United States. His vision was that the program would allow young Americans to live abroad and “promote peace and friendship…under conditions of hardship, if necessary.” Now, 55 years later, over 220,000 Americans have served communities in-need … Continued

10 Tips for Having Better Volunteering Experiences

People who seek out volunteering experiences when they travel usually do so with the intention of making a positive impact. We want to help people. We want to help animals. We want to save the environment, improve living conditions, and build futures. In essence, we’re devoting our time and energy to something much greater than ourselves: The idea … Continued