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Travel like a pro: Packing tips for your next vacation

Packing tips aren’t just for those of you who are venturing out for the first time. Ask any traveler – from absolute road warriors to those boarding their first flight – and you’ll find one commonality: Packing for vacations can be a nightmare. First, there’s the baggage fees. Then, luggage dimensions. Oh wait – don’t … Continued

A Belize Vacation in Photos

Have you considered a Belize vacation? Why? What comes to mind when you envision the country, culture, wildlife, and food of the Central American country? Does your imagination run away with you to a tropical paradise full of fascinating animals, sparkling azure beaches, and luxury accommodations? Follow your imagination – it’s a step ahead of … Continued

5 Ecotourism Blogs You Should Be Following

Ecotourism. Green travel. Eco-travel. Sustainable travel. Whatever you call it – we call it “awesome,” for more reasons than one. Maybe you want to leave Earth in better shape than you found it. Perhaps you dream of shaping the place future generations will call “home.” Heck, maybe you just want to reduce your own carbon … Continued

30 Best Travel Quotes for Travel Inspiration

Travel quotes are far more than memes. They’re more than fleeting thoughts. They paint a picture, tell a story, touch your heart, and remind you of your inner nomad. What type of traveler of you? Luxury traveler? Volunteer vacationer? Family planner? No matter your style, goals, or plans, surely your trip is meaningful to you … Continued

10 International Friendships That Inspire Us

It’s almost International Friendship Day! We love this holiday at Discover Corps because we believe the best way to discover a country is through its people. We lead volunteer vacations to connect people and create friendships across borders. To celebrate these unique relationships, we’ve rounded up 10 international friendships that inspire us. We hope they’ll inspire you, … Continued

4 Reasons International Friendships Make the World a Better Place

Claire and Amanda met as they boarded a rickety boat in the Amazon Jungle. “Do you know where you’re staying in Iquitos?” Claire asked. “Nope!” “Me either! Let’s find a place together.” They traveled from Colombia to Peru as strangers down the Amazon River, then continued on to Bolivia and Ecuador as friends — eventually parting … Continued

Meet Barbara: An Inspiring Blogger Who Traveled to Cuba With Us

In our bi-monthly profile series, we’ve introduced you to our founder, members of our international staff, and cool grassroots projects. This week, we’re excited to introduce you to someone who is not technically part of the Discover Corps family, but who we’re now proud to call one of our own. Her name is Barbara Weibel, … Continued

How a Volunteer Vacation Will Turn You Into a Global Citizen

There’s no doubt about it: volunteering abroad changes you. If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you’ve probably read why we think volunteer vacations are worth doing and paying for. But truthfully, it’s the intangible benefits that levy the heaviest impact. Volunteering ignites an empathy and sensitivity to others that you may not have experienced before. … Continued

How to Reclaim Your Happiness

We can’t get enough of celebrations — and this one is designed for smiling! The UN International Day of Happiness is coming up on Friday, March 20th, with a host of gatherings in public spaces and local communities worldwide. In 2011, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution that stated happiness should be a “fundamental … Continued