Departing December 2017

Holiday Vacations with Purpose

This holiday season take a family vacation with purpose that celebrates your values of global citizenship.

Location: Asia, Africa & Latin America

Start a new family tradition.  Our all-inclusive Vacations with Purpose will give your family a fun and meaningful experience that you’ll remember forever.

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

  • In Peru, live in a century old hacienda set amongst the picturesque Andes Mountains. We’ll teach basic English and math to the village youth, come face to face with llamas, experience the Incan past and venture to Machu Picchu, one of the wonders of the world.
  • In Guatemala, volunteer for a few hours each morning in local orphanages and school classrooms with indigenous Mayan youth, doing educational games to reinforce their teacher’s lessons.
  • In Costa Rica, live on the edge of a marine reserve engaging in community projects to preserve Whale Bay, including a community reforestation project.
  • In the Dominican Republic, provide much-needed infrastructure by constructing medical clinics and houses out of reusable plastic bottles in a Haitian batey, or community of displaced Haitian immigrants.
  • In Thailand, venture to the lush mountains of the north and lend a hand at a community-run home for rescued elephants. Work alongside their caretakers to prepare food, bathe and take these gentle giants for their daily walks.
  • In South Africa, venture behind the scenes of the Great Kruger National Park area and volunteer alongside wildlife conservation organizations working to protect leopards, lions & rhinos.
  • Cost Rica family volunteer vacation