Uganda: Gorilla Conservation Adventure Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Uganda

The refund policy and deposit amount is slightly different for Uganda than any of our other trips due to the competitive nature of obtaining gorilla and chimp trekking permits.

It takes $880 per person to register for the program. This consists of a $30 registration fee per person and an $850 deposit per person. The deposit covers the gorilla and chimp permits, which are immediately obtained and are, thus, non-refundable. Single room supplements are mandatory on this trip for all solo travelers. If a roommate is found of the same gender prior to departure, we will refund you the supplement in advance.

The due date of the remaining balance is based off the proximity of the trip departure date:

  • If you register more than 5 months prior to the trip, the remaining balance will be due 30 days after registering for the program or 150 days prior to departure, whichever comes first.
  • If you register less than 5 months prior to the trip, the remaining balance will be due one week after the deposit is placed.

Certain portions of the program fee are refundable, depending on the date of the refund request. If a participate chooses to withdraw for any reason prior to the departure, Discover Corps must be notified in writing. The refund will be calculated according to the date in which Discover Corps receives this notification.

Refund Policy

The amount of your refund is based on how far in advance from the start date of the trip you notify us of your cancellation.

    • More than five months prior, everything is refundable with the exception of the Gorilla and Chimp Permits.
    • Less than five months prior, 50% of program fee is refundable, except non-refundable $30 registration fee and the Gorilla & Chimp Permits.
    • At four months prior, the program fee is non-refundable. Changes to trip destination or start date are not possible and will be subject to refund policy.

If the balance has not been paid in full, the above percentages apply to all monies paid at the date of cancellation.

Transfers will be charged the applicable fee to change trips. Additionally, your refund policy tier will carry over to your new trip (eg ‒ for transfers less than three months prior to the trip, your new trip program fee will remain 25% refundable regardless of the new date).

Any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to let us know. For more information before you depart, including packing lists, visit our travel portal at We can’t wait to travel with you!

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