Release: Launch of New Cuba Trips

Despite Political Uncertainty, Discover Corps to Launch New Tours to Cuba

Despite Trump’s Threats to Rollback Cuba Policy, Discover Corps to Unveil Four New Tours to Cuba at the Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show. Founder cites mission to promote cross cultural understanding.

San Diego, California – February 14, 2017

San Diego-based tour company, Discover Corps, will launch four new tours to Cuba this coming weekend at the Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show. Discover Corps, known for its international volunteer vacations and cultural travel packages, has seen a spike in the number of bookings to Cuba. Because of this, they are launching four new legal trips to Cuba focusing on arts, culture, nature, and volunteering.

New Legal Cuba Small Group Tours

Cloud of Political Uncertainty

All trips qualify as people-to-people programs, and are therefore permitted under current State Department regulations. However during the recent Presidential campaign then-candidate Donald Trump said that he would “reverse” Obama’s policy unless Cuba “meets our demands”. Vice President Pence has gone even further: “Let me make you a promise,” he said to a crowd in Miami before the election, “when Donald Trump is president of the United States, we will repeal Obama’s executive orders on Cuba.”

Nevertheless, Discover Corps intends to proceed regardless of the looming specter that legal travel will shut down.

“We believe that authentic interaction between the Cuban people and American travelers will build bridges of understanding between our nations – and this is fundamentally a good thing. Our travelers tell us that our trips helped them gain deeper insight into Cuba than what they have ever seen on television,” said Discover Corps’ Founder, Andrew Motiwalla. “We guarantee to all of our clients that in the event the Trump Administration ends legal travel to Cuba, we will refund 100% of all monies paid.”

The Nation’s Largest Travel Show

Discover Corps selected The Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show to unveil their new trips because it is the largest travel show in the United States. The show is on February 18th and 19th and features celebrity travel industry speakers such as Andrew Zimmern, Rick Steves, Pauline Frommer, and Peter Greenberg. Discover Corps will be raffling off one free roundtrip air ticket from Los Angeles to Havana.

About Discover Corps

Discover Corps is a socially conscious travel company that specializes in cultural immersion and volunteer vacations. In addition to tours to Cuba, family travel is one of the company’s fastest-growing segments. The company operates programs in 16 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Australia, and Latin America.