Cuba Reopened – What you Need to Know About Travel to the Island in 2022

Cuba is one of the most unique places in the world, but it is also sometimes difficult to travel to. So we’ve put together a series of resources to help you navigate travel there in 2022. What makes international travel a beautiful experience for us is the opportunity to learn about the local culture firsthand through its people, food, and music – and there’s no better place to learn than in Cuba.

Take a Step Back in Time…

Whether it’s experiencing a private art project with a renowned artist, trekking through the lush Viñales Valley, or exploring the cobblestone streets of Old Havana, Discover Corps will introduce you to the authentic side of Cuba through its people.

As countries start to reopen and travel restrictions are lifted, it can be difficlut to find the most up-to-date information, especially for Cuba travel!

The resources below will walk you through exactly what you need and what the process will be like to visit Cuba this summer. Have any questions not answered below? Give us a call!


Do you have a ton of questions about Cuba Travel? In our Ask the Experts Webinar, we spend almost an hour going over topics like how to obtain your visa, what the process will be like when you arrive, how to travel legally (hint: DC has the permits!), or even what the Cuban people might think of American travelers.

This Webinar features the Founder of Discover Corps, Andrew Motiwalla, as well as our Cuban partner Dayron – both experts on Cuba travel!


Looking for a step by step guide to make sure everything is in line before your trip to Cuba? Check out the Discover Corps Pre-Departure Presentation. This slideshow has everything you need to know before you travel, including packing, costs, regulations, cultural differences to be aware of, the Cuban Visa, places to visit, and more!

*Note: US Dollars are no longer accepted in Cuba – only Euros and Canadian Dollars

World's Greatest Outdoor Adventures- Cuba


One of the biggest questions remains, “Is it still possible to travel legally to Cuba?” Discover Corps trips continue to remain a legal option because of our unique focus on supporting the Cuban people.

On June 4, 2019, the Treasury Department released their updated policy with regards to travel in Cuba. In short, it is no longer legal to travel under the “People-to-People” license, but it is legal to travel under the “Support for the Cuban People” license. Discover Corps has always been operating under the “Support for the Cuban People” license, so nothing has changed!

This Q&A post lists all the changes with the updated policy and what it means for you on a Discover Corps trip!



Uncover the natural side of Cuba – lush countryside, tropical offshore islands and biosphere reserves. The journey begins in Havana and, after exploring the city’s most famous squares and sampling some its best restaurants, we’ll head west to Las Terrazas, one of Cuba’s first eco-villages and coffee plantations and the Viñales Valley, where relaxed village life meets dramatic mountain landscapes.

Along the way, meet with fascinating people who have a role in protecting Cuba’s fragile resources. Whether it’s a tobacco farmer who has spent his life in Viñales or having lunch with a local conservationist that created a small-scale organic farm in one of Cuba’s most beautiful corners, this will be glimpse into a wholly unique side of Cuba.


Experience Cuba’s iconic arts and music scene, stunning beaches, gorgeous countryside, and friendly locals on this family tour to Cuba. The journey begins riding a classic convertible through the buzzing streets of Havana, then moves to the crystal clear Caribbean waters of the coast.

Learn to make colorful Cuban ceramics and art with a famous local artist? Check. Meet a fruit farmer and zip-line over the Viñales Valley? Check. Take a snorkel tour through the turquoise Caribbean Sea? Check. This family tour to Cuba will take you to Havana and beyond, introducing you to the real people of the island alongside our expert local guides.


Volunteer alongside youth in a colorful Havana neighborhood. Engage in citizen diplomacy as relations improve between the U.S. and Cuba. This is a grassroots journey through Cuba, built around community and cross-cultural engagement.

Explore the main sites of Havana, a city overflowing with art, music and dance. Enjoy salsa dancing classes with the local community, visit the home of Ernest Hemingway and sample some its amazing cuisine.

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