Celebrating Moms & Mother Figures Around The Globe This Mother’s Day!

As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s time to shine a light on the unsung heroes of family adventures: traveling moms. These remarkable women not only nurture and care for their children but also embark on journeys near and far, creating unforgettable memories and instilling a love for exploration in their little ones. This month we celebrate the spirit of traveling moms and mother figures and highlight the profound impact of traveling with kids.

Traveling with children offers a myriad of benefits beyond mere sightseeing. It fosters a sense of curiosity, broadens their perspectives, and teaches invaluable life skills. From navigating airports to experiencing new cultures, every journey becomes a classroom without walls, enriching both parent and child alike. Through travel, children learn adaptability, resilience, and appreciation for diversity, shaping them into global citizens with open hearts and minds.

Today, we spotlight the incredible traveling moms and mother figures we’ve had the privilege to work with around the world. From the bustling streets of Oaxaca to the serene landscapes of Costa Rica, these mothers exemplify strength, courage, and boundless love for their families. 

Let’s take a glimpse into the incredible countries they have traveled to:

Costa Rica: Family Volunteer Adventure

Costa Rica offers fun for the whole family! From the stunning Pacific Ocean to the vibrant cloud forests bursting with wildlife, adventure awaits at every turn. Renowned for its abundant wildlife and reputation as the “happiest country on earth,” Costa Rica boasts unparalleled natural beauty. With over half of its land covered in forests, it’s the perfect playground for families and wildlife enthusiasts alike. This action-packed family trip through Costa Rica offers a wide range of experiences, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the country’s wonders.

We’ll hike through one of the most spectacular national parks in the country, view active volcanoes, and soak in rejuvenating thermal hot springs. Meander along a series of hanging bridges to experience life in the treetops of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Then, travel to the pristine Pacific coast to explore its oceanfront rainforest teeming with wildlife.

End your full days of adventure at a boutique, locally-owned lodge that ensures you travel in comfort. Start the journey in La Fortuna located at the base of the towering Arenal Volcano. Our bright, charming hotel boasts a pool and is the perfect place to unwind after the journey to Costa Rica. The next two nights are spent at a mountainside hotel in the Monteverde Cloud Reserve. Surround yourself with its cozy gardens and lush green landscapes with nature all around. End the trip with three nights at a locally-owned coastal hotel adjacent to the beach near Manuel Antonio National Park. Surrounded by rainforest and not far from the Pacific coast beaches, this will be the perfect way to end the journey! Check out what some recent moms had to say about Costa Rica:

Our family trip to Costa Rica was an absolutely amazing experience. Discover Corps was incredibly easy to work with early on from booking the trip, organizing the flights, answering questions along the way, up to a debrief upon arrival home. In addition, Discover Corps provided a trip and an itinerary that far exceeded our expectations.

We are a family of four with two teenagers. We were paired with other families who also had teenagers. The families that we met and the friendships that were cultivated in Costa Rica were beautiful. We had so much fun all together but also had time to be together as our family of four.

Our exceptional guide, Andres, and competent driver, Christopher, toured us through this beautiful country. Andres was professional, knowledgable, friendly and extremely caring to our group. He taught us so much about Costa Rica and its beautiful landscape and culture as we toured the country with him. He was able to easily pivot a plan and navigate anything unexpected that came up. We felt that both Andres and Christopher were well supported by Discover Corps with their accommodations and meals.

Our accommodations and meals well surpassed our expectations. We loved the three gorgeous boutique hotels. The food in Costa Rica with DELISH!! To add, the itinerary was well designed and allowed for us to have an incredibly fulfilling experience in Costa Rica.

We are so grateful to have been able to travel to Costa Rica with our family and we recommend Discover Corps without any hesitation.

Tracey F.

Oaxaca: Women & Girls’ Empowerment

One of our most enriching trips takes us to the heart of Zapotec culture in Oaxaca, Mexico. Here, we immerse ourselves and learn from an organization dedicated to empowering women as business owners in disadvantaged communities.

Home to some of the most beautiful colonial plazas and majestic churches in Latin America, we’ll get lost in the winding cobblestone streets of Oaxaca City, visit the UNESCO-protected ancient ruins of Monte Albán, and discover the bizarre rock formations of Hierve el Agua. We will also spend two days with our inspiring nonprofit partners, Fundación En Vía, to engage with the rural communities. Visit women-led businesses and lend a hand in a dyeing and weaving workshop, and chocolate-making class.

While in Oaxaca City, a UNESCO-protected area, explore the emerging cuisine the region is famous for, browse vibrant local markets for crafts, and unwind in one of the colorful boutique hotels we collaborate with. Our primary partner, Hotel con Corazón, is a modern and cozy establishment nestled in the heart of Oaxaca City. Profits from this hotel contribute to local schools, aiding the community. This boutique hotel is not only a charming place to stay but also a social enterprise with a heartfelt mission. Recognizing Oaxaca as one of Mexico’s poorest states, it aims to provide resources for children to complete their education. Discover what mothers have to say about this location!

I wanted to show my daughter a different part of the world, and to be able to connect with other women and girls only made the idea that much more comfortable for me. Our group was full of similar mothers and daughters (and one awesome father!). The women in the community gave us such a precious gift as they allowed us into their homes and spoke with us about their everyday lives. My daughter left wanting to make a difference for the women of the world, and I couldn’t be prouder!

– Kathryn T.

Alaska: The Great Exploration

Check out the 49th state, home to the most impressive natural beauty where snow-capped mountains meet calm, glacier-fed bays and birds, whales and the occasional bear dot the surrounding landscape.

This is a journey of epic proportions across South Central Alaska. In Anchorage, enjoy a picnic lunch in the snow-capped mountains of Chugach State Park before marveling at the wilderness that surrounds you as you head to Seward in a glass-top train (often ranked as one of the top ten train rides in North America). In Seward, boat through the remarkable Kenai Fjords National Park, and keep an eye out for whales, porpoises, puffins, sea otters, bald eagles, and more along the way! In Homer, the other side of the Kenai Peninsula, explore the “spit” – a long line of restaurants, shops, and docks with breathtaking views you won’t soon forget.

End each day at your home away from home at our partner boutique hotels. In Seward, stay at Harbor 360 – the premier waterfront hotel in this small, scenic fishing village. Located directly on the Seward Small Boat Harbor, enjoy stunning 360 degree views of Resurrection Bay and the surrounding Kenai Mountains, and views of the harbor while soaking in the hot tub or swimming in Seward’s only hotel pool. In Anchorage and Homer enjoy amenities that will give you ultimate relaxation while you unwind from the day’s activities. See what moms have to say about traveling to Alaska!

We had an amazing first visit to Alaska with Discover Corps. I went with my two kids who are 6 years old and 8 years old, and we all had such a great time and saw and learned a lot! Everything is pretty much taken care of – they pick you from the airport, all the transportation between towns and attractions, all the tickets to the sites, local guides on gorgeous hikes through estuaries and forests, guides at the Sea life center, all meals except for 2 dinners, and the guide is with you the whole trip. The highlights – scenic gold star train ride, dog sledding in the summer with the Seavey family, fjord cruise, Sea life center, hike through the woods showing us which plants are edible, estuary walks, conservation center where we saw lots of animals, and the small group size. We have been on large group tours before – > 35 people, and this group only had 12 so it was nice to actually get to know everyone. The kids all played well together even though mine were the youngest and the rest were tweens and teens. This is the first of many Discover Corps tours.

– Lausanne O.

Thailand: The Elephant Experience

Attention all elephant enthusiasts! Embark on an unforgettable journey through Northern Thailand with our Elephant Experience. Welcome to Chiang Mai, the heart of traditional Thai culture. Explore the city’s vibrant atmosphere as you stroll through leafy streets adorned with intricate Buddhist temples, bustling local markets, and saffron-robed monks performing their daily alms-giving rituals. Venture into the mountains to a remote hill tribe village just outside the city, where a lush valley is home to one of the region’s premier elephant sanctuaries. Immerse yourself in rural life for several days, joining the mahouts, or elephant caretakers, on their daily routines to gain insight into elephant care. From morning treks through the forest to bathing elephants in nearby rivers, our activities directly contribute to the well-being of these magnificent creatures.

Experience centuries-old traditions, meet with village elders, and discover a community lost in time. Meet with a women’s empowerment project and 

visit a hospital for sick and injured elephants to see how these majestic creatures are rehabilitated. Then see how another social enterprise is creating decorated elephant statues and placing them around the world to raise awareness of elephant conservation.

Throughout the journey across Northern Thailand, stay in two unique locations. The first five nights will be spent in a delightful boutique hotel in Chiang Mai. Relax by the hotel’s tropical pool or take a short walk into town to explore the markets and small shops that line the streets. Head into the hills surrounding Chiang Mai to the elephant sanctuary for the next three nights. Spend the evenings in a basic lodge at the sanctuary and enjoy the fresh mountain air of the valley floor. Descend back into the city for the last night at the same villas we stayed at the beginning of the journey. See how this family went on an unforgettable adventure:

My family (husband and 4 teenaged boys (13-17)) just returned from Chiang Mai Thailand for our Elephant Experience Discover Corps trip. It was truly beyond amazing! We got fully immersed into the Thai culture with our amazing guides, visited gorgeous temples, went and lived in an elephant home where we did our service project. The trip was truly life changing. It open all of our hearts and minds. Discover Corps made this the most amazing of our lives. Our boys loved every second and we all learned so much. Thank you Discover Corps!

– Sherri P.

These aren’t the only destinations that moms have traveled to. Check out our website for more information on all of our trips. Whether you’re going solo, for some me-time, or taking the whole family with you, we guarantee this adventure will be life-changing. 

So cheers to the adventurous spirits of traveling moms and mother figures who embark on journeys of love, discovery, and transformation. Whether exploring distant lands or nurturing their communities, these remarkable women inspire us to embrace the world with open arms and wanderlust-filled hearts. To all the traveling moms out there, thank you for making every adventure a cherished memory and for instilling in your children the gift of exploration. Happy Mother’s Month!

Questions about any of our upcoming adventures? Give us a call during office hours at 9-6 PM PT or email us at info@discovercorps.com. We hope you enjoyed this photo recap with us!

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