22 Conscious Companies to Consider When Packing for a Trip Abroad [Infographic]

Through your nature & wildlife adventure, volunteer vacation, or cultural exploration, you will rekindle your sense of global interconnectedness.  This begins even before you land in your chosen country, as the items you select to tuck away into your luggage can have a large impact on the communities you will soon become a part of.  With everyone’s livelihood dependent upon the environment, and developing countries disproportionately affected by climate change, it is essential to spend an extra few minutes to understand what your purchase supports while also keeping your budget in mind.

The average American would need roughly five acres of forest to sequesters just one year of their carbon dioxide emissions, and packing minimally can be the first step to reducing your carbon footprint.  Even if you find yourself wishing you could throw in that extra pair of shoes or pants you might need remember that with every item you leave behind the aircraft fuel economy will increase (just an extra magazine adds 5¢ to the aircrafts operating cost).  We have created a packing list that is sufficient for anything under three weeks.  When referencing this list and taking inventory feel free to be creative with items you already have that just need to be repaired or repurposed.  And when it comes to ordering new items online or running out to the store, we have given you a starting point of products that share our client’s aspiration for acting with environmental and social compassion.

Packing is just one part to consider when planning for a trip, there also many other ways to focus on sustainability while still exploring the world. Check out more from the NRDC here.




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