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Discover Corps Diet Friendly Locations Guide [Infographic]

Food can be a wildcard when you travel. Will it be tasty, spicy, chewy…cold? Certainly, part of the beauty of traveling is the unknown delicacies that await, but if you’re gluten-free, it’s nice to avoid the guessing game. Let our Diet Friendly Locations Guide point you in the right dietary direction, with countries that have options for vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo … Continued

Interview from Thailand: Discover Corps’ Guide Tam

After being a tour guide for so many years, you might think Discover Corps Guide Siwarkorn Hkt, or “Tam”, has probably done and seen it all. There’s something, however, that keeps him smiling and talking about how much he loves his job: the people. Of course, the wildlife and beautiful scenery on the Thailand: Elephants … Continued

To Love and Travel: 25 Perfect Quotes for Valentine’s Day

Travel in itself is quite a romantic endeavor: The mystery and intrigue of exploring new places. Freedom to notice beautiful everyday details. The rush from an abrupt change in plans. And of course, the possibility of crossing paths with an intriguing, yet complete stranger. When these elements, however, are shared with another person, it can … Continued

Best Time to Visit: A Travel Guide for Every Season [Infographic]

When planning a vacation many travelers are also expert researchers. How many minutes is the second layover? Does the hotel have 4 or 5 stars? and especially, Is breakfast included? This information is valuable, but knowing when to travel is just as important. So to help the cause, we studied the best time to visit each of the must-see destinations … Continued

Letter from the Editor: This Year, Give the Present of Being Present

“This reduction in stressors will free your family up to the lost art of single tasking.” It’s crunch time! Don’t look at your calendar now, but Christmas Day is starting to come into focus, friends. We’ve officially entered the holiday season mayhem. You know the routine. During this time of the year, event invitations pile … Continued

What Does Pura Vida Mean to You?

The popular expression pura vida is as synonymous with Costa Rica as the abundant wildlife and picturesque beaches that make up this small tropical country. If you’ve never visited this part of Central America, there’s a good chance the phrase (“pure life” in English) is new to you, but those that have spent time here know … Continued