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A Belize Vacation in Photos

Have you considered a Belize vacation? Why? What comes to mind when you envision the country, culture, wildlife, and food of the Central American country? Does your imagination run away with you to a tropical paradise full of fascinating animals, sparkling azure beaches, and luxury accommodations? Follow your imagination – it’s a step ahead of … Continued

5 Ways to Experience Cuba

Cuba vacation. Yeah, we said it. Vacation. Vacationing in Cuba is possible now! There are some restrictions, but they’re all met by Discover Corps tours. Once you decide a Cuba vacation is in your future, the ways in which you can experience the country are endless. Our five suggestions: A weekend getaway in Havana, a … Continued

Why Costa Rica is Perfect For Your Next Family Vacation

Costa Rica vacations are great for more than simple thrill seekers. A Costa Rica family vacation can be jam packed with great experiences, memories to last a lifetime, ease of planning, cost savings, and a world of adventure without actually traveling to the other side of the world!

7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites for Every Travel Bucket List

Have UNESCO World Heritage Sites made it on to your travel bucket list? There are few guarantees in the world of travel. But a “World Heritage Site” designation from UNESCO– the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization– ensures that a destination is important enough to deserve protection for future generations.

The Importance of Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness

In the past few months, the United States has experienced a dramatic increase in hate crimes being reported. The Southern Poverty Law Center’s monitoring group has reported a disturbing rise in the number of hate groups operating within the country, reporting a total of 917 as of this story’s publication. To say that the Discover … Continued

Jungle Love: Why Rainforests Are Important

Anybody who has ever visited one know there’s something special about the jungle. But why are rainforests important? Not just for local people and wildlife, but for the health of our planet? The Earth was originally packed with these regions, which are centered around the equator. They’re usually full of low-hanging vines, vibrant greenery, brilliantly colored … Continued

Islands and Elephants in Thailand

More and more frequently, issues surrounding the exploitation of animals are being brought to public eye. Massive organizations like Sea World and TripAdvisor have recently made major changes as a result of outspoken animal activism. This critical lens has extended to travelers, who face many ethical choices when they travel abroad. Riding Elephants in Thailand … Continued