A Taste of Mexico: Grassroots Travel

A few weeks ago, we had a wonderful family trip on a grassroots expedition to Oaxaca, Mexico. Immersed in the culture, food, and world of Mexico, they were able to experience the country as a native in the heart of Mexican Zapotec culture. This incredible trip is documented in the photos below. Enjoy!

After flying into Mexico, the family was met by Rodolfo, their guide for the trip. Rodolfo handled everything, from tours to lodging and food. As an expert in Mexican culture, Rodolfo was able to give them an authentic glimpse into what life is like in Oaxaca.

“We felt super safe and in great hands with Rodolfo– he’s amazing!” – Aubrey
“I really enjoyed this [trip], and our guide Rodolfo was excellent!” – Lacey

After arriving in Oaxaca City, the family dropped off their bags in Hotel con Corazón, a modern, cozy hotel where profits go into local schools to help lift the local community. After getting some time to relax, they head out into the city for their first taste of authentic Mexican cuisine.

“The lodging was great– perfect location. We enjoyed the variety of foods too. Our favorite restaurant experience was at The Painting– end of dirt road!” – Aubrey

After exploring the city for a few days, the family headed out to the nearby villages of the Teotitlán Valley to meet the women and children supporting their communities.

We loved learning about weaving and dying clothes, and seeing Mexico ‘behind the scenes’ in the womens’ homes.” – Aubrey

The group spent two days with our inspiring nonprofit partners, Fundación En Vía, to engage with the rural communities where they work. They visited women-led businesses and lent a hand in a dyeing and weaving workshop, as well as shopping for ingredients at the local market for a traditional cooking class with the women.

“I enjoyed the walking tour– we went places we would not have explored on our own. We loved the VIP treatment. We had immediate access to every location and did not wait in a line. It was spectacular– our first trip. We are looking forward to the next time and already planning more in the future.”

As the trip comes to an end, the group gets a chance to explore the city one last time and have a farewell dinner together with their guide. After having a chance to explore Mexico in this way, their kids will have lifelong memories of this incredible place. The farewell dinner is a great time to share memories and connect one last time before traveling home.

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